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$4.99 Studio license

New Vertical Music Certificates!

Over the last few years, I’ve received a number of requests for a modern attractive music certificate to award to students at recitals or special events.  You might remember that I’m not a huge certificate fan, since they all seem to look the same to me. But we’ve been able to change the look and feel of many things in the past few years (progress charts for example), so it was a challenge I wanted to try!

What you want in a music certificate

We recently conducted a survey about what you wanted in a music certificate. [If you haven’t weighed in, feel free to add your thoughts as we’ll continue to review them.] Here’s what we learned. You wanted:

  • The ability to edit the certificate wording
  • A modern looking music certificate
  • A music certificate that appeals to all genders
  • A music certificate that appeals to all ages, even adults
  • The ability to add your own logo

These new music certificates include all of that!

Yes, that’s right. I think we have met all of these expectations and then some!

Watch the video first for a snapshot:

Extremely versatile and inexpensive

Music Certificate Template - Completely editable and comes with PDF, Word, and Pages files! This new product in our store is on sale right now for $4.99 $2.99. So it’s super inexpensive and comes with:

  1. A vertical music certificate
  2. A horizontal music certificate
  3. Color and black and white versions of both
  4. Three file types so that you can choose whatever works best for you (Word files for PC users, Pages files for Mac users, and editable PDF files for all users as Adobe Reader can be used on any computer)
  5. The ability to enlarge or reduce the size of the white boxes on the page to fit your text. (We could have made these white boxes part of our image, making them not editable. However, we decided instead to make it a text box that you can size to your liking if you edit them in Word or Pages).

⇓ Scroll to the bottom if you want to see close up samples!

$4.99 Studio License