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Best Classical Music for Parents to Give Their Kids

Listening to the best classical music is important, but you might wonder just where to find the best pieces. Start with these best classical music pieces.

New 2015 Challenge Charts – 30 and 40 Piece Challenge

You really MUST try the 30 or 40 piece challenge this year. I'm sure you'd be happy if your students were better readers, were motivated by playing beautiful music, progressed faster, got through more pieces than usual...and more. This is exactly what the 30 piece challenge can do!

FREE New Penguin Flashcards!

These adorable penguin matching cards are only available FREE for a limited time! Use them with Japanese penguin erasers for even more fun!

Learn Amazing, Effortless Piano Technique at Home. Giveaway!

Have you noticed that there aren't many online resources for helping our students with technique or even helping us teachers to learn proper piano technique? Well, I'm thrilled to tell you that an online resource is now available and it's top-notch! Do you know what a "quiet hand" is? Did you know [...]

Help Kids Practice Piano with these 5 Tips from Disney Songs

Help Kids Practice Piano with these 5 Tips from Disney Songs Struggling to help kids practice piano? If you are the least bit musical, you know it's hard to listen to your own child practice. In my early days of listening to one of my children practice, one of two things [...]

The Best Way to Start the New Year

It's not a new game. It's not a new piece of music. It's not a new gadget or office supply (though you know I would have loved that)! It's a return to a basic concept of learning. Parents Want Learning to Be Easy...Hmmmm As you may have noticed, many parents these [...]

GIVEAWAY! What’s Wrong With the Way We Practice?

Do you ask your students how many days they practiced during the week? Maybe you look in their assignment sheets to see how many days they've practiced? Yep, I do too. But I know that the amount of time they practice does not always correlate to the progress that they make. I've [...]

Teach Active Listening: A Fun Printable for Performance Class!

FREE interactive worksheets to use in your Performance Class so that ALL students are engaged, not just those playing. Help them learn active listening with these charts.

Get Rid of Mindless Practice with this Fun Creation!

Get Rid of Mindless Practicing Piano with this Fun Creation! I am so excited about a last minute idea I had last week when I was preparing for group lessons! This year, I want to help my students practice smarter, not harder or longer. In previous years, I've told them about [...]