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Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks

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These Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks will make your holiday cup-tapping even more musically rewarding with full orchestral and band sounds to accompany you! Watch this video to see and hear how:

Studio Use License – Fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks

These Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks far surpass playing with just mp3 piano tracks! These accompaniment tracks feature modern sounds that include all kinds of instruments and instrumentation! They will make any performance or practice from the Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations book big, full and very musically rewarding! These tracks are especially helpful for the following applications:

  • When you want a much fuller sound than just the piano can provide.
  • If you want to cup tap with your students instead of playing the music on the piano.
  • When you don’t have a student who can play the piano or a piano that is good enough.
  • When the room is big and you need a big sound.
  • When you want to WOW your audience.
  • If you want to direct the cup tapping instead of playing on the piano.
  • When you can’t play the piano, but you want to use these in your music class!
  • You don’t have 4 hands and you just need someone to play the piano part while you teach the rhythm!

In short, these Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks should help any teacher, parent, or music lover who owns and uses Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations!

How is this different that the piano tracks I bought last year?

These tracks are completely different! Last year, we made piano tracks available for purchase at a super cheap price. But, we realized that recordings of piano music don’t have the same musical weight in front of an audience as a live performance. So, these are completely different! These have full sounding instrumentation, plus piano. Listen to the excerpts below and you’ll see what a difference these can make!

What’s included in the Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks?

This set of Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Tracks includes all of the following:

  • 3 tempos of beautiful instrumentations for We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • 3 tempos of beautiful instrumentation for Joy to the World
  • 3 tempos of beautiful instrumentation for Deck the Hall
  • 2 sets of each tempo for each: one with the piano and one without the piano part! This enables you to still have a live piano if you wish, or you can just use the tracks with the cup tapping.
  • A total of 18 tracks – 9 with the instrumentation and piano and 9 with the instrumentation without piano.

Remember that there are 3 different levels of cup tapping fun for each piece, so the three pieces in the Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations book can be used with 9 different sets of students!


All audio files are mp3s and include a 2 measure count off and then 4 measures of the pieces’ drum beat to help students stay together in the cup tapping introduction. So you will hear 2 measure of click track, then 4 measures of percussion (where the students start cup tapping), and then the instrumentation will begin in m. 7.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas, fast tempo, with piano:

Joy to the World, fast tempo, with piano:

Deck the Hall, fast tempo, with piano:

Three Tempos Included!

Deck the Hall, medium tempo, with piano:

Deck the Hall, slow tempo, with piano:

Includes tracks with and without piano!

If you have someone playing the piano part, then you have the option of using tracks without the piano, so that student can shine! But if you don’t have anyone to play the piano part, no worries. Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks also include tracks that include the piano as well!

Deck the Hall, fast tempo, no piano:

Deck the Hall, medium tempo, no piano:

Deck the Hall, slow tempo, no piano:

How are Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Tracks delivered?

After purchase, you’ll get an email with links to several zipped files. After you click on the links to the files, they will download automatically to your download folder. Find them there. Then simply double click the zipped files and they will unzip for you. Double click the folders and you’ll see your mp3 files! If you have an older computer, you might need to download the free version of Winzip to get them to unzip, but you probably won’t even need that!

If you have an iPad, please check the FAQ page for instructions on downloading there. It’s very important that you have an unzipping app installed before you try to open from your iPad.

Your students will love it!

Musicians of all ages love Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the picture below!

Students love Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks from ComposeCreate.com!


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14 reviews for Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations Accompaniment Tracks

  1. Rebekah Trevelise

    My students LOVE these tracks with Christmas cup rhythms. Parents LOVE seeing students perform these at our studio Christmas recitals. So much fun!!!

  2. Tammy

    Accompaniment tracks make Holiday Rhythm Cups such a blast! They are a must do!

  3. Jeanette

    No kidding, the very day I had been wishing for some kind of practice track for my students, these became available.
    So it took me all of 2 seconds to make a buying decision!
    I love the gradual tempo increase via the 3 separate tracks. Gives students a sense of accomplishment and reinforces the importance of slow practice initially.
    The beat is very clear throughout, easy to follow and tap along with
    The accompaniment is interesting and full sounding.
    And yes, parents and kids had a blast practicing together!
    Convenient! Worth every penny!

  4. Virginia

    These accompaniment tracks are a must! My kids are so excited. This is our second year to do Christmas cups so adding something extra is really fun. Thank you Wendy. You do so much!

  5. Janet Dill

    I purchased the tracks and as usual with the things I have purchased from Wendy, my students love practicing and using them! They have promoted at home practice because of the variety and fun and ease of use!
    I highly recommend!!!
    Thank you Wendy!!
    Janet Dill BA Music Ed

  6. Allison

    I used the orchestrated accompaniment tracks for my group class this week and it was a big hit! They students loved it! We started with the slowest track and worked our way up to the fastest track for level 1. They’re planning on doing it for the recital in a couple of weeks!

  7. Swan Kiezebrink

    These are well done, and SO nice to have the three different tempos as well! Great for the little ones all the way to the teens!

  8. Donna Schaefer

    I love the new orchestration on the backing tracks! All of my students are having fun and we will be using them at our christmas recital next week. The different tempi make it lots of fun and a good challenge!
    Thanks for creating them!

  9. Brent

    These tracks are very well done and make using the Holiday RCE even more fun! Great job, Wendy!

  10. shauna vartanian

    Wonderful rhythm exercises and tracks make it even more enjoyable.

  11. Jamie

    I can’t wait to use these holiday rhythms this year! My students will love them! I use the Rhythm Explorations at my group parties and as a Welcome Back to lessons segment and it goes over so well! Thank you!

  12. Laura

    These tracks were a great addition as they allowed me to be free to join in the group with the students. When I was playing the song, I couldn’t see them very well to know how they were doing or to interact during the piece, so this was great!

  13. Rachel Morris

    I originally just purchased the book without these tracks, with the intention of accompanying my students myself while they did the rhythm cups. But I ended up buying the tracks and I’m so glad I did! The students could really feel the beat with all the percussion added in the tracks. We did a performance of the rhythm cups with the tracks for our holiday recital, and it was a big hit!

  14. Debbie Watson

    Thank you Wendy, the orchestral backing tracks for the Christmas carols are of amazing quality and really enhance the experience for our students. We are loving it all and just wish we had found you earlier, we also used the tracks at the nursing home for the first time and having the 3 speeds is brilliant. The rating of 5 stars is not high enough for what you have done for our lessons, we are over the moon!

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