What is a Full-Time Piano Teacher?

Click to download a printable copy of this article Are You a Full-Time Piano Teacher? How do you define a full-time piano teacher? How many students make up a full-time studio? Determining this is important because it can significantly affect your health and how you run your business. Some [...]

Magic Valley MTA Followup

Thank you for attending the Magic Valley Music Teachers Association's meeting featuring "The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio!" I hope you found the recorded workshop to be helpful as well as the live Q&A. Below, you will find links to articles and resources that further discuss many of [...]

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The Bargain Bookstand I Use for Rhythm Cup Explorations™

The Bargain Bookstand I use for Rhythm Cup Explorations A lot of teachers have asked me how I like to display pages from Rhythm Cup Explorations™ when I am not displaying them digitally. Because the great thing about Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is that you can do it both ways [...]

Bring Rhythm Cup Explorations to a Teacher Meeting – for Free!

When I was program chair of our local association, I was always on the lookout for meeting ideas that would be exciting and would inject energy into our membership. And I was especially excited if the program was easy! So I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that [...]

Football Guys Note Reading Game

Football Guys Note Reading Game So much excitement surrounds the American football season, so it makes perfect sense that you can use this to energize your piano students! A few years ago, we created Football Music Flashcards that stand up between the piano keys. Asking the student to place [...]

You are Invited to the Music Party of the Decade!

Register for the Music Party! Music Party of the Decade Selecting just the right pieces for your students can be a challenging and lonely task. It often takes hours and days to find music that you know will motivate students. So this year, I want to help [...]

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Chicken Hats for Cluck Cluck Moo

Chicken Hats for Cluck Cluck Moo In the ComposeCreate Facebook group, Linda recently posted this: Your "Cluck Cluck Moo" has been a huge hit with my young students. I made little red triangle hats out of felt craft squares I purchased at a superstore for under $1. Thank for [...]

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New Holiday Piano Music Bundles! Huge savings…

New Holiday Piano Music Bundles! Huge savings... In our recent webinars, we discovered that teachers are loving the New Release Bundles that we started creating in August. These are bundles that we make available ahead of the release of the individual pieces. And these are priced even lower than [...]

New Mermaid Piano Solo with Bonus Coloring Page!

 $9.99  $8.99 Studio license (sale through 8/23/19) Add to Cart New Mermaid Solo with Bonus Coloring Sheet! I'm so excited to release a mermaid solo with bonus coloring sheet today! This is the 2nd piece in the new collection of elementary piano music about mythical creatures. The first [...]

To Subscription or Not to Subscription – New Way to Save!

To 'Subscription' or Not to 'Subscription' - New Ways to Save on Music! Over the years, we've tried to come up with a way to use the popular subscription business model in the ComposeCreate store. Of course, it would be better for us in terms of a business model [...]

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