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Ear Training
(CD Listening Forms, Interval Shortcuts, Harmonizing Tunes, Performance Class Worksheets, and more)

(Giant flashcards, Major/minor keyboard triads, Snowmen note names, Snowmen steps/skips, Note name flashcards)

Monkey Fingers, Name that Tune, Dice, Tic-Tac-Toe, Treble Clef Game, Interval Whackers, Affirm-a-term, Stinky Sox, and more!)

Manuscript Paper
(6, 10, 12 stave paper with and without grand staff)

Motivational Charts
(Piano 500, Spot, Timeline, Summer Olympics, Piano Vacation Passport, Challenge Questions)

Music Progressions Rhythms
(Rhythm Drills for Music Progressions Levels 1-10)

(Fun riddles and crosswords about music)

(Words to keep your inspired in your teaching, learning, planning, dreaming, practicing, accomplishing, writing, and general quotes about music)

Repertoire Lists
(Lists of world music, 1-handed music, duet music, trio music, pupil savers, humorous pieces, and pieces that are easier than they sound.

Rhythm Worksheets
(Worksheets for introducing rhythmic concepts like 6/8, syncopation, dotted quarters, eighths, sixteenths, etc.)

Staff and Keyboard Diagrams
(Full page pictures of keyboards and staff)

(Cadences, Modes, Landmark notes, Note names, Major/minor chords, etc.)

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