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Rhythm Cup Explorations is taking the music education and piano teaching world by storm! There’s just something about cup tapping that is super popular! Watch the video and then scroll down to learn more.

Studio Use License – Fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is taking the music and piano teaching world by storm! Take advantage of “the cup craze” and re-enforce the rhythms you are teaching with Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations with Rhythm Cup Explorations™. Yes, even though the cups craze (see here and here) may have died down, students are so excited about learning brand new rhythm sequences, fun cup techniques, and special challenges.

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is reproducible to use with any students you directly teach! It is an energetic book and you must watch the video below and read the reviews to really understand how kids love it and why it’s making such a big difference for teachers all over the world!

What are some benefits to using Rhythm Cup Explorations™?

This book makes rhythm practice fun, perfect for a “bring-a-friend” lesson, new neural pathways form in brain when practicing rhythm in new ways, rhythm skills will improve…and much more!

Don’t forget the beats!

Rhythm Cup Explorations is even more fun when you add the fun beats. These mp3 accompaniment beats come with 3 different tempos per page. Kids love these! Here are some samples:





Choose the Rhythm Cup Explorations + Beats option in the drop down edition menu to add to your cart!

Buy BOTH books for even more savings!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 is even more fun than Rhythm Cup Explorations and you’ll need both books if you want to cover most rhythm values. You can actually purchase both books and all the accompaniment beats for a $5 discount if you choose the Rhythm Cup Explorations Bundle in the edition drop down menu.

Here are more videos of students from other studios:


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23 reviews for Rhythm Cup Explorations™

  1. Kristy McLaren

    I LOVE the Rhythm Cups! I have used it 5 times since yesterday afternoon. Brilliant !

  2. Mary Jane Cope

    I used the Rhythm Cup explorations game with groups this week; my students loved it – even the older high school students had a great time!

    I love that this is so adaptable (in terms of tempo, repetitions, sequencing, etc.), and can even inspire students to make up some of their own – suitable for all ages! I noticed most of my students were extraordinarily focused but relaxed when doing these exercises.

  3. Iris Westcott

    Addictive and kids of all ages love it!

  4. Kimberly Baker

    My students were a little surprised at first, and then excited, and they had a LOT more fun doing those than the regular rhythm book I’ve used for years! My students are loving the Rhythm Cups! 🙂

  5. Jessica Barefoot

    My students loved it! …Definitely will be worth my money, and I appreciate how affordable it is. This is such a fun way to teach rhythm reading!

  6. Cheryl Weber

    My 6th graders love rhythm cups!

  7. Priscilla Moffett

    Wish I had tried this a loooong time ago…..my students understand and internalize the beats immediately!!

  8. Elizabeth

    So. Much. Fun! My students adore Rhythm Cups and totally feel rewarded for achieving the prerequisite Rhythm Menagerie levels and being able to move on to Rhythm Cups. It appeals to all ages!

  9. chavahfried

    Great material,great fun! Wendy did a lot of work so I didn’t have to! WOW! and it’s digital folks! What could be better?
    What would be better is that Wendy would keep making more amazing programs! Thank you, Wendy!

    Chava Fried

  10. Kim

    I used the Rhythm Cups game at a group Piano Party. Students of all ages and levels loved it! We had a blast learning the song, and then challenging ourselves to do it at a faster tempo. Great fun!

  11. Bill

    We tried Rhythm Cups in a handbell camp class and loved them. I remembered trying them in a former church music position, so I’ve ordered a bundle to use this fall in a new church position. I know the children will love them and learn a lot at the same time. I’ll bring my laptop and use the beats, too.

  12. Janet Hodgson

    Loving rhythm cups – using it in most of my lessons with pupils aged 7-11. Helping to establish pulse, and rhythmic coordination while having fun. One of my pupils also observed that I was enjoying this activity while teaching it! 🙂

  13. Michelle Hansen

    This is so much fun! I first did it with my family and everyone had such a good time. Then I started doing it with my students. It is a brilliant program! The accompaniment tracks are really fun to play along, and it’s fun without tracks. It’s just the perfect challenge for working on rhythm. I recommend it to everyone, all my music teaching friends, and they been sold on it, too.

  14. Sandra Black

    I’ve been using Rhythm Menagerie for a few years now and love it but I needed something a bit different for my school pupils to perform in assembly – Rhythm Cup Explorations is just what I wanted! The students are loving it and we’re all looking forward to performing in a few weeks time. It’s just a whole new level of fun with rhythms!

  15. Rebecca Sackman-Smith

    I have started using this both with students who struggle with rhythm and those who don’t and found immediately that we both started laughing – which I then realised we don’t do enough of in our lessons! Really nice materials and great backing tracks. Highly recommended.

  16. Mary

    I did Rhythm Cup Explorations first with the accompaniment. I really enjoyed it on my own. Whewwwww! I so happy that I finished the whole book 1st part. It was really fun and help me focus more of my Rhythm.

    Surely, my students will enjoy it too.

    Thank you so much for introducing this to all teachers. Superb!

  17. Alma

    I used the Rhythm Cups for the first time at a piano group party. The kids just loved it! Three students that are sisters wanted to take it home and continue enjoying it! Thanks!!

  18. Kaitlin Mattox

    What an inventive and intuitive tool for rhythmic instruction. My kids are having a blast and learning a TON!

  19. Ruth

    I purchased the Rhythm Cup Exploration book and have used it for two weeks and my students love it. They are having fun with the rhythms!

  20. Laura Crouse

    I did a Rhythm Cup activity with a bunch of Middle and High Schoolers as a way to bond a new group— and when I polled everyone afterwards, it was a unanimous thumbs-up from two dozen teenagers—even the non-joiners. 🙂

  21. Becky Hause

    I used them with my piano classes and they are a fun way to reinforce rhythm concepts.

  22. Svetlana

    I love the rhythm menagerie and cups A LOT but not the backing tracks. Maybe it’s just my personal taste, but I’d prefer them to be more orchestral with beautiful melodies and harmonies.

  23. Ginger

    I LOVE this so much! I’ve done this for group lessons and individual lessons. It’s great for both. This is also great for all levels. The early level kids really caught on fast too.

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