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What Makes Compose Create® Resources Different?

The resources, rhythm materials, and music we sell on Compose Create® are designed specifically to connect with children, right where they are, not where we teachers think they are. It’s about things that motivate, inspire, and excite children while exceeding the piano teaching expectations of teachers.

We believe that if teachers use resources and music that are written for where children are and from their interests, then music will have them for life! That’s why we are committed to providing only Music Kids Love®!

The piano business solutions we offer on Compose Create connects with where you are, providing immediately useful ideas for making your business run more smoothly and profitably. But we also want to help you develop the power to follow through by tackling those nagging insecurities or doubts. There’s also no “my way or the highway” kind of attitude here. Adapt it to work for your situation. We just want to help.

Teach Piano Creatively and Professionally

Pete Jutras on the creative piano teaching site composecreate.com

I am very impressed with Wendy’s blog posts, discussions, and regular business articles in the Clavier Companion magazine. She has excellent ideas and advice to offer today’s piano teachers.

Pete Jutras, Editor-in-chief, Clavier Companion
Charlene Shelzi Picture - Commenting on piano teaching resources on ComposeCreate.com

Wendy’s ComposeCreate site is filled with valuable, practical information for any music teacher. Her music is unique, creative, and loved by my students!

Charlene Shelzi, Co-founder of TCW resources; Kjos Composers
Sigrid Britton on the creative piano teaching blog that composecreate.com is

Wendy’s pieces are so full of fun and high spirits that my students hardly realize how much they are learning. Motivating students and building their confidence is so easy with these pieces and resources!

Sigrid Britton, Private Piano Teacher
Diane Hidy on composecreate
Wendy Stevens helps teachers around the world solve everyday problems in practical, realistic, step-by-step ways. I love her Rhythm Menagerie and Manipulations. Each set meets a need for fun and rhythm. Seriously. They’re great.
Diane Hidy, Composer, Popular Blogger, Pianist
Melissa on how much piano teaching music she gets and loves from ComposeCreate.com

Thank you for all the wonderful music you compose that students LOVE to play! I was typing up my my fall recital program and there are 5 of your pieces on one program!

Melissa Willis, Private Piano Teacher

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