Manuscript Paper

Free manuscript paper in 3 different sizes and some including the grand staff | composecreate.comPlain Staff Paper

Plain paper in three different sizes for download.

Manuscript Paper 8 Stave

Manuscript Paper 10 Stave

Manuscript Paper 12 Stave

Grand Staff Paper

Grand staff paper. Save your students the trouble of drawing in the treble and bass clefts by printing and giving this paper to them.

Manuscript Paper 8 stave with grand staff

Manuscript Paper 10 Stave with grand staff

Manuscript Paper 12 stave with grand staff

Just a quick note to teachers out there:

When encouraging your students to compose, be careful not to put too much pressure for them to write down their compositions. When students are required to write things down, it engages an entirely different part of their brain than their creative part. It requires them to shift into analytical mode and this often shuts down their creative process. This can lead to discouragement and lack of interest in future composing projects.

Instead, help them write it down, being careful to only ask them easy questions that you know that they can answer or that you can lead them into answering like:

  • Let’s try to figure out the meter of this piece. You play it and I’ll try to count it in three. Do it, then ask, “Let’s see if that seems better than this.”

[And then try it in 4]

  • These notes at the beginning are nice and slow, let’s count them together and see how many beats they are (then do it with them).
  • What is the name of the black key that you use in this piece over and over again? Oh it’s F#! Did you know that you are composing a piece in the key of G and we can actually just automatically add all those sharps by putting it at the beginning of the staff.


The minute you see a student looking overwhelmed, stop. Do it for them and then move on, or move on and then come back and do it for them.

Here’s the thing:

If you are patient, you will have MANY opportunities to teach them to notate in the future. If you push too hard, you will have ZERO opportunities in the future.

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