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Workshop: Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio


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Hundreds of teachers have taken this extremely practical Stress Free Piano Business Workshop and have transformed their lives. Peace of mind, free time, security, and confidence will be just some of the things you can experience when you take “The Best Stress Free Business Practices for Your Studio.”

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Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio

Thousands of teachers have taken this 1.5 hour online, life-changing stress free piano business workshop with amazing results. This stress free piano business workshop can help decrease your stress level, paperwork, workload, and can significantly increase your income. Peace of mind, free time, security, and confidence will be just some of the things you can experience when you take “The Best Stress Free Business Practices for Your Studio.”

What You Will Learn about a Stress Free Piano Business:

This stress free piano business workshop is relevant not only to piano teachers, but any independent music teacher. All of the business topics apply to any teacher who is operating their own studio, whether just beginning or having taught for years. This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Make a consistent income all year
  • Determine your rate
  • Calculate price increases and when to make them
  • Take time off for sickness or unexpected events without losing pay by using Flex Weeks™
  • Eliminate make-up lessons (fairly)
  • Deal with the overscheduled students without losing your mind
  • Communicate big policy changes without losing students
  • Identify and correct false narratives that can sabotage your ability to implement and follow through with these policy changes

Save More on the Workshop Bundle:

We also offer further business training with the “Marketing Taxes, Business Entities, and Liability” workshop which includes training from Wendy as well as a business attorney who explains what you need to know about becoming an LLC, sole proprietorship, liability and more. You can save additional funds by purchasing these as a bundle:

“Best Stress Free Practices for Your Studio” – Piano Teaching Business Workshop by Wendy Stevens on ComposeCreate.com | stress free piano business

Purchase Best Stress-free Business Practices and Marketing, Taxes, Business Entities, and Liability for a discount!

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About the Presenter:

Wendy Stevens piano teacher and composer committed to creating music kids love | Learn how to create a stress free piano business

Wendy Stevens
Composer, Piano Teacher, Owner of www.ComposeCreate.com

Wendy Stevens, NCTM is a composer, piano teacher, clinician, and blogger. She writes a regular business column “Making Money, Making Space” for Clavier Companion and has presented about “Stress-free Business Practices” at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, SMU Institute for Piano Teachers, National Federated Music Clubs Conference, and more.
Wendy holds a Master of Music degree in composition and theory and enjoys writing and presenting on business issues, teaching composition, creativity, and piano teaching topics. She is a nationally certified teacher of music and a member of ASCAP. This ComposeCreate blog for piano teachers is her creation. Her pedagogical compositions are published by Hal Leonard, Willis, and www.ComposeCreate.com.

24 reviews for Workshop: Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio

  1. Sara Campbell

    Because of this training, in the past 4 years I’ve increased my studio income 54%, and I’m projected to increase it an additional 23% in 2015!

  2. Sherry Poole Todd

    You will absolutely, positively make up your investment dollar for dollar, plus the addition of a few days off with no decrease in income! Add to that all the time saved from laboriously invoicing students, arranging makeups, etc. all of that….GONE!

  3. Melissa Slawsky

    I can’t thank you enough for stress-free business practices. For the first time in YEARS, I actually had 2 weeks off of piano teaching. It was heavenly! I feel relaxed and ready to get back into it. You just had the nicest, diplomatic way of explaining.

  4. Charley Ann Hopkins

    This was a very well thought out and helpful webinar. It was helpful to me and made me think differently about some things, especially my time and makeup lessons! Wendy is an excellent presenter with a great personality! I think this would be extremely helpful for younger teachers just starting out. It would save them a lot of headaches down the road!

  5. Melody Payne

    Brava, Wendy! There were so many valuable topics, nuggets, and examples offered in this webinar that I would most definitely recommend that others be the first in line to participate next time around. My stress level is already much lower…

  6. Leigh Stringfield

    EVERY topic was helpful to me. It helped me get motivated for the new teaching year to hear these great ideas! Please continue to share and inspire.

  7. Barbara Stepp

    Every music teacher needs to see”The Best Stress Free Business Practices for Your Studio.” Wendy teaches how to respect yourself and be treated with respect in a way that doesn’t offend anyone. Wendy gives a different perspective on many of the complaints I hear from teaching friends. It all makes sense when you hear Wendy’s logical, common-sense explanation of how to solve these problems.

  8. Julie Duda

    This workshop changed my life and the life of my studio! I have doubled the size of my studio since I attended this workshop, which also means double the income. The knowledge of the importance of having a studio website and Facebook page, and changing to a tuition based payment plan allowed me to attract and accommodate the 62 students I now have in my studio! Of course…having music such as Wendy writes, is so valuable for retention of my current students! My studio is “the studio” that parents in my area want to go to for their children to learn piano! Was this workshop worth the financial investment? Yes, Yes and Yes! I have made back and much more than the investment in time and money I spent for this workshop, not only in a financial way, but “stress free” is possible with a large studio, when you have the proper policies in place. Thank you very much, Wendy!~

  9. Lara

    Highly recommend these workshops to every music teacher out there! Thank you, Wendy!

  10. Lauren Denning

    Fantastic course! It was timely for me as I was just starting a new music business project and it helped me focus my advertising and message effectively which has yielded unbelievable results. Thank you Wendy!!!

  11. Angela Jacob

    I recommend these workshops for any music teachers, especially for those new to teaching. Very helpful suggestions, resources, & products. I love all of Wendy’s music. Take a look!

  12. Christy

    If you want to be successful monetarily as well as in students progress, this is the course for you. Easy to follow ideas along with great rationale as to why we want to have policies in place for ourselves. I think that sometimes we may feel we are “just” a piano teacher, but we are independent business people who deserve to make a living at what we do. We have taken many classes, studied music pedagogy, and the list goes on and on. This class will make you thankful you are your own boss.

  13. Kathleen Isberg

    I am so grateful to Wendy Stevens for providing this invaluable information. I would hope every piano or independent music teacher would take her course and see how much easier it is to deal with the ongoing difficulties of getting paid in a timely fashion as well as eliminating constant questioning over make-up lessons. These and other issues are addressed in her webinar and I highly recommend you try this out. Plus, it’s now 50% off!

  14. Jill

    Although I had been applying a few of the principles in this workshop before I attended. No longer do i feel bad or apologize for those important items in my studio policy. I have used even more of the information to tighten up my policy so it reflects how i want to run my studio.

  15. Linda

    I implemented Best Stress Free Business Practices and did find that it completely got rid of my frustration. I have my time off, vacations and hope to get to the Music Teacher’s conference this summer. I have to thank Wendy for telling me how to word everything because without that I would have botched it. I had to sell this new idea to existing students, so be prepared from resistance to change and maybe a student quitting (but they were the most difficult parents and I don’t miss them). I had my first students record a video lesson this week and now I am sold on this way to make up lessons. Since I am sold on the idea, I can better sell it to my new students in the future. In the long run, I feel this is a great idea.

  16. Chris Morrow

    This course was so helpful to me in updating my studio policies and understanding the importance of sticking to those policies! Wendy really opened my eyes to a lot of things, even after I have taught for decades! After taking the course, I changed the way I do business, and I am a better teacher for it.Well worth the money!

  17. John Viljoen

    We teachers are great at taking care of our students. While we’re doing so, we need to take care of ourselves and our teaching practice. This wonderful workshop provides sound and necessary business principles for music teachers. It’s worth seeing more than once.

  18. Susan Todd

    Wendy gave this workshop at our Oregon Federated Music Clubs State Conference a few years ago. I still hear her energy and business savvy in my mind every time I work on updating my studio policy or am asked to give a make-up lesson. This training is invaluable to all independent teachers, and the fact that you can now take it online is useful and helpful for even more teachers. I highly recommend making this investment in yourself and your studio.

  19. Julie

    This workshop changed my business mentality drastically for the good, over 2 years ago. Applying many of Wendy’s principles has helped me bring in more income and has relieved a whole lot of unnecessary stress!! I’m so glad I invested in this workshop. Though I’ve never met her, Wendy has been a piano teacher mentor to me through this workshop and her articles.

  20. Cat Williams

    I learned some very valuable things in this workshop!

    Some things, I have implemented into my studio, and then various problems were fixed, or solved. Issues such as raising my rates, make-up lessons, etc.

    Wendy also gives you word for word policies, which will protect you in various situations. I am very grateful that I purchased this workshop and highly recommend it, even for the experienced teacher!

  21. Sandra

    Wendy is a great presenter and her workshops have transformed my studio and policies for the better since taking her courses. I’ve learned to be more consistent and a better entrepreneur.

  22. Shauna Vartanian

    Excellent business advice. Wendy Stevens is always ready to help. Taking the course has helped me increase income, maintain business, and provided a toolbox to overcome many challenges by successfully managing my studio. Thanks Wendy!

  23. Susan D.

    This workshop really encouraged me and gave me more courage to tighten up my business policies. It was great to feel validated by Wendy and learn how to
    stand up for myself in a professional way..I’ve had fewer headaches this year! Thanks Wendy!

  24. Kathy Deasy

    What a huge help this course was in setting up my studio policies! Having taught in the past and struggled with what to charge and how to handle make-up lessons, this course helped me make decisions before I started up again that I am glad I made this time around. I am so very happy I was able to take this starting out! I also appreciate the way Wendy is supportive even after the course is done – what a great wealth of experience and advice. Thank You, Wendy!

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