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How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music? “Tuh ruh uuuuurrrrr nnnnnnnnn duh.” “Tuh  ur nnnnnnnnnnnn duh” I was sitting on the couch on a fall afternoon listening patiently as my kindergartner sounded each each word. Well, I was trying to listen patiently. “Tuuuuuuurrrrrrrr nnnnnnn duh” Ugh. [...]

The Secret to Saying No and Enforcing a No Make Up Lessons Policy

How to Say "No" and Enforce a No Make Up Lessons Policy Now that you know how to move to a no make-up lessons policy, it's time to learn how to implement your policy! I hesitate to use the word "enforce" because the word has a rigid ring to it. And [...]

You asked for this! New Reading and Rote Piano Piece!

New Rote Piano Piece - You Asked for It! Does the thought of a "rote piano piece" scare you? I completely understand if it does. The truth is: Good piano teachers want their students to know how to read music! Good piano students want to learn how to read music! [...]

Do I Really Need to Copyright My Piano Music? [The answer from attorneys may surprise you!]

Do I Need to Copyright My Music? I love how it is becoming popular for piano teachers and piano students to compose music! Because it's so popular, it's also becoming easier with all the notation apps, programs, and advice from published composers coming out. But one of the questions that gets [...]

Exciting Recitals #1 – Stache Bash

Here's the first in a series of posts on creative ways your fellow teachers are livening up their recitals. Who says that audiences have to like sport more than piano recitals?

Should I Post My Tuition Price on My Website?

Here is something you might not have considered about posting your piano teaching tuition price online...

A Faustian Rhythm Bargain

Tears were streaming down my face as I sat on the cold wooden bench at my Baldwin piano. I finally had to admit that I had no idea how to play the rhythm in this piece. I bawled.  "I can't do it!" I told my mother. "I can't count. I'm going to [...]

The Best Way to Start the New Year

It's not a new game. It's not a new piece of music. It's not a new gadget or office supply (though you know I would have loved that)! It's a return to a basic concept of learning. Parents Want Learning to Be Easy...Hmmmm As you may have noticed, many parents these [...]

HELP! Give Me One Technique for Dealing with Difficult Piano Parents

Along with you, I've had my share over the years of dealing with highly emotional parents, tiger moms, complaints, unkind emails, and irrational requests. It happens to any teacher, I'm sure. But even empathy from others is not wonderfully helpful when it happens. HELP! Give Me One Technique for Dealing with Difficult Piano Parents [...]

GIVEAWAY! What’s Wrong With the Way We Practice?

Do you ask your students how many days they practiced during the week? Maybe you look in their assignment sheets to see how many days they've practiced? Yep, I do too. But I know that the amount of time they practice does not always correlate to the progress that they make. I've [...]