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How Free, Random Rhythms Drills are Killing Your Students’ Rhythm

One of my most popular pages on the blog is the page of free rhythm drills and worksheets. I'm thrilled that those have been and continue to be used by teachers year after year. But I need to warn you about the danger in using them and the many random rhythm [...]

How to Increase Tuition (or change your policy) Without a Revolt

How Do I Increase Piano Tuition Without a Revolt? In the online workshop "The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio" we discuss why it's important for teachers to keep up with inflation and in general, raise their prices a little every year. With the wonderful conversations we've had about this [...]

5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About This Song

Recently, a most unusual piece found itself for sale on the ComposeCreate website. If you saw it, then you know of what I speak. And if you watched the video, you know that I haven't really gone as crazy as you first thought. BUT, just in case you are still [...]

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Rhythm Counting: Ta, Ta, 1, 1, Walk, Walk, What?!

Does Numeric Rhythm Counting Work? I grew up with a teacher who used numeric rhythm counting. And as you know, we are mostly likely to teach the same way we were taught and/or the same way we learn, so I have always insisted that my students count 1-2-3-4 or [...]

The Future of Piano Teaching…Are You Changing With It?

The Future of Piano Teaching - Pete Jutras Interview I'm sure you've noticed that life has changed a lot in the last 10 to 20 years! We can now "google" something to get an immediate answer, children and adults have screens in front of them all the time, we now have [...]

What If Music Lessons Are NOT Making Kids Smarter?

Here's one of those controversial topics that we might like to avoid discussing: What if music lessons are not really linked to making kids smarter? Would your world come to a halt? Would you stop giving music lessons? Would you stop thinking that they were good for children anyway? Of [...]

How Do I Incorporate Rote Teaching with My Current Method?

How Do I Incorporate Teaching Piano by Rote with My Current Method? Teaching piano by rote is becoming more popular. But there are lots of questions about it lately. Last week, we heard Dr. Julie Knerr and Katherine Fisher answer the question, "Won't Rote Teaching Keep Students from Learning to Read?" [...]

Won’t Rote Teaching Keep Students from Learning to Read?

Last week, Dr. Julie Knerr and Katherine Fisher wrote this article all about rote teaching, "Are You Afraid of Rote Teaching? Consider This...". I'm very excited to do more of this with my students especially now that they have convinced me that it won't produce completely illiterate piano students! But, [...]

Are You Afraid of Rote Teaching? Consider This…

Are You Afraid of Rote Teaching? Consider this. About seven years ago, I met Katie Fisher in Toronto at an MTNA conference. She was the wife of a college classmate of mine (Christopher Fisher who has written here about group teaching) and she and her friend Dr. Julie Knerr were [...]