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Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts

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Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts are a stunning way to motivate your piano and music students to learn rhythm with Rhythm Menagerie.

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Stunning Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts

We know it’s important for students to see and visualize their progress when they are working through a big, comprehensive rhythm curriculum like Rhythm Menagerie.

But progress charts can be really uninteresting and are definitely overused to the point that students often get bored with them. And this certainly doesn’t help them feel excited about moving forward to learn more.

Star charts just aren’t enough in this visual world of ours

Now I was a “star on the chart” kind of child. My mom had a chart on the fridge for me for all kinds of things. But stars on a chart are just not enough these days in the visual society that we live in. So we were determined to design progress charts for Rhythm Menagerie that were imaginative, unusual, stunning, and truly motivating for kids.

How Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts work

These unique Rhythm Menagerie progress charts reward students with funny and engaging stickers that can be placed on an absolutely beautiful menagerie canvas. There are 9 stickers per unit and students place a sticker on their chart for every page they accurately complete. The Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts come with 8 menagerie canvases, one for each unit. Then you also receive a file for all the stickers and you can print on easily obtained Avery labels 5293.

Bring the cool factor to your studio, set your studio apart, and motivate your students in a new way to learn all 93 pages of rhythm in Rhythm Menagerie.

Studio Use License!

This resources comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as the PDF can be printed over and over for as many students as you directly teach!

Don’t forget the Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks!

Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment tracks

If you don’t have the beautiful music accompaniments for the rhythms in Rhythm Menagerie, you are really missing out on an opportunity to get music and rhythm even deeper inside your students! You can get a discount when you order the Progress Charts with the Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks. Watch a video and hear samples of the Accompaniment Tracks here!

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3 reviews for Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts

  1. Nancy Rath…Louisville, Ky

    Yesterday I started printing off the new Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts & Stickers.
    Oh my gosh…they are beyond adorable !!!! The website – while great – doesn’t do them
    justice. I love them and the students are going to have FITS over them !!

  2. Angela Michael

    I highly recommend Rhythm Menagerie to my fellow teachers. I started my younger students a few months ago and their rhythm abilities have improved tremendously. I smile watching them move their entire bodies why clapping, tapping, hooting and what not. They’re extremely motivated to get the weekly sticker for their progress charts. Who knew a sticker would be such a motivator? They often ask to start their lessons with Rhythm Menagerie. Honestly, this was a bit of an experiment for me. I wasn’t sure if it would take too much time away from other lesson activities; instead, it’s helped me teach more efficiently since my students feel the beat and catch onto rhythms more easily in their music.

  3. Jeanne Kent

    My students have really enjoyed the progress charts and stickers. The tracks have made a huge difference too. We have all decided that the finished charts are totally framable. We have so much fun during lessons!

    I am sold on your rhythm products! I will go back and see if I can find a video of one of my students who had no understanding of steady beat. Now she is so good at it! Most of it is due to Rhythm Menagerie. She is in unit 6 and always masters the fastest track. I can’t say enough good things about Rhythm Menagerie! I have even started saying, “Do Rhythm Menagerie with your piece before playing it”. It works!

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