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Rhythm Cup Bundle

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This Rhythm Cup Bundle contains all you need for your students to have fun cup-tapping their way to learning rhythm. Take advantage of the popular cup tapping in your teaching! Watch the video and then scroll down to learn more.



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This Rhythm Cup Bundle includes the most important part of the cup tapping curriculum! Teachers and students from around the world are using this curriculum to teach and reinforce rhythm. But more importantly, students are loving practicing rhythm and their excitement for practice is improving the most basic skill in music: rhythm. Watch the videos above to see  why students are so excited!

You won’t get a better deal than this for purchasing Rhythm Cup Explorations! This Rhythm Cup Bundle comes with:

You don’t need a coupon – the big savings is already baked into the price!

What is Rhythm Cup Explorations?

Rhythm Cup Explorations is a fun, supplement program that combines the fun of cup tapping with carefully composed rhythms to teach and reinforce rhythm. This series is a supplement to the comprehensive, reproducible Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations series.

The Rhythm Cup Bundle can be used in private or group lessons. You only need 1 person (2 is even more fun though, and more than 3 is a blast!). The cup tapping techniques are explained in the book and in an introductory video that you will get a link to after you purchase.

Any teacher can do this! And definitely any piano or music student can do this!

What is a studio license? Why is it so amazing?

This Rhythm Cup Bundle comes with a studio license which means that you only have to purchase it one time but you can use it for ANY student you are directly teaching! You can make prints of any of the pages of the PDF and give them to your student. You can even print the entire book for your students! There is not limit to the number of students you can do this for – they just have to be students that you directly teach. You cannot send them the digital file in any way (email, on disk, or in any way), but you can always have them purchase it if they want their own digital copy.

For the tracks, the studio license means that you may use the tracks in your studio but tracks may not be distributed. Students will need to purchase their own tracks to use at home. You can have them do that here: Tracks for book 1 and Tracks for book 2.

What is the difference between the International vs. North American edition?

The difference between the North American (uses terms like “quarter, half, whole”) and International edition (uses terms like “crotchet, minum, quaver”) simply has to do with what kind of rhythm terms you and your students use.

What are some ways to use the Rhythm Cup Bundle?

Rhythm Cup Explorations can be used in many different ways. Here are just some of the ways that teachers use the Rhythm Cup Bundle:

  • Private lessons – it’s easy to do these with just two people – you and the student
  • Group lessons – the more the merrier! Cup tapping is tons of fun in groups
  • Recitals – Rhythm Cup tapping looks beautiful and impressive at recitals
  • At community events – One Canadian teacher did a booth for Canada that taught one of the basic pages to more than a hundred people at a time!
  • Bring-a-friend lesson – Rhythm Cup Bundle is a great way to advertise lessons. Just have a bring-a-friend week and you can teach your student by reading then rhythm and then that student can teach their friend by rote. The friend will go way thinking piano lessons are awesome!

Accompaniment beats come with the Rhythm Cup Bundle!

Both Rhythm Cup Exploration books are fun, but they are even more fun when you add the accompaniment beats. In book 1 these mp3 accompaniment beats come with 3 different tempos per page. In book 2, they come in 4 tempos! Kids love these! Here are some samples.

My First Rhythm Cup Explorations:




Book 1:





Book 2:

Triple Meter, page 8, medium speed

Dotted Quarters, page 16, medium speed

Compound Meter, page 19, medium speed

Another Compound Meter, page 20, medium speed

Syncopated Eighths, page 23, medium speed

Syncopated Sixteenths, page 29, medium speed


More videos of students enjoying the Rhythm Cup Bundle



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37 reviews for Rhythm Cup Bundle

  1. Julie Allen

    I tried this today and it went over BIG! Thanks Wendy!

  2. Kristy McLaren

    I LOVE the Rhythm Cups! I have used it 5 times since yesterday afternoon. Brilliant!

  3. Mary Jane Cope

    I used the Rhythm Cup explorations game with groups this week; my students loved it – even the older high school students had a great time!

    I love that this is so adaptable (in terms of tempo, repetitions, sequencing, etc.), and can even inspire students to make up some of their own – suitable for all ages! I noticed most of my students were extraordinarily focused but relaxed when doing these exercises.

  4. Iris Westcott

    Addictive and kids of all ages love it!

  5. Kimberly Baker

    My students were a little surprised at first, and then excited, and they had a LOT more fun doing those than the regular rhythm book I’ve used for years! My students are loving the Rhythm Cups! 🙂

  6. Jessica Barefoot

    My students loved it! …Definitely will be worth my money, and I appreciate how affordable it is. This is such a fun way to teach rhythm reading!

  7. Cheryl Weber

    My 6th graders love rhythm cups!

  8. Priscilla Moffett

    Wish I had tried this a loooong time ago…..my students understand and internalize the beats immediately!!

  9. Yoko Hoshihara

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such a fun teaching tool! Your product is one of the BEST educational materials I have ever purchased!
    I am so excited…this is just so great, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I tried with several students (age 6, 9 and 10) today and they all (and I) LOVED it!! What a fun way to teach students to have a steady beat! All I needed was to demonstrate some taps and the rest was just having fun with them. They picked up the rhythm quickly and it even helps us be bonded.

    I have this difficult 10 years old boy who has shown no interest in learning piano for several months. He has been inattentive, and there are times he even refused to follow my instruction. This boy, however, has a good sense of rhythm and plays jazz pieces so well, so I thought he would love Rhythm Cup Explorations. (And yes, he really did!)

    Today I did the first page with him for only a few minutes. Only after a few exercises, he began opening up to me…we both laughed when we didn’t know how to pass the cup to each other (lol), anyway…it was just so wonderful.

  10. Aaron Bloom

    Your Rhythm Cups have become a standout feature in my lessons. I love them, the kids love them, and above all kids even with a struggling sense of Rhythm have dramatically improved with these cups.

  11. Wanda Everett

    I have just finished my first of three 4 day Piano Camps for June. Your rhythm cups were the best! Every student loves them at every level.

  12. Keri Salustri

    So many smiles and lots of laughter today!! The kids love these, Wendy!

  13. Susan Gravel

    I found out that my students are talking about this while they are at school…how cool is that.

  14. andreapdavis

    This is fantastic! My students were begging for more. Super fun, and very effective. THANK YOU!!

  15. Paul Eliot

    I”m the kind of teacher that would usually find these too childish for High School. I have been very wrong. They love these and they read rhythms better as a result. I even use them in AP Music Theory! I usually introduce rhythm concepts, clap and count, then the relevant cups exercises, then rhythmic dictation immediately follows. In 30m, they experience the rhythm concepts in many ways. The Rhythm Cups are an integral part of this cycle!

  16. Tresa Davis

    One of the very best activities I have ever done in the Studio! Such exuberance and excitement, Giggles, and right out riotous laughter can be heard wafting up and down the hall into other areas of the building when I break out the rhythm cups. Sometimes I wonder if they even know they are polishing their rhythm skills and sight reading abilities. I plan to use parts of The Christmas bundle in each of my five group lessons this month. Sure to be a hit. Should I send videos?Thank you Wendy!

  17. Wendy Stevens

    Oh, I would love to see a video Tresa! Thank you so much for telling me how fun they have been for your students! I so appreciate you using ComposeCreate resources!

  18. Tonia Polykarpou

    I just loved them!!! My students loved them, too! A perfect way for me to teach rhythms and have fun with my students at the same time. And it’s suitable for any age, including children from 5 to teenagers. Adults can have fun, too 😉 The children are looking forward to this. It’s a fun challenge for them to play the rhythms and try to play them faster and faster. Great job Wendy Stevens!!! Thank you!!!!

  19. Susan C Rye

    I am going to have to step up my game! Rhythm Cups are so popular that the “regular” lesson pales BY FAR in comparison! Thank you, Wendy. I am now known at the “fun” piano teacher in town!

  20. Elizabeth Bonds

    Love it! And so do my students. I have even had students parents get involved!

    Students don’t even realise they are learning they are having so much fun.

    One student took a paper copy of sheet one to practise on holiday. They family planned to cup tap on an areoplane to Greece. I hope it went ok, They were on a 5am flight!!!!

    Thanks for a brilliant resource Wendy!

  21. Laura Knight

    I love this program! I’m using it in my group piano classes and my adults are having a great time with it. I’ve also pulled it out as a game around the kitchen table and it has been a lot of fun.

  22. LeAnn Halvorson

    Rhythm cups are a great activity that drill coordination while making my students think. I really appreciate your creativity in coming up with this fantastic way to drill rhythms.

  23. Brenda Lewis

    I Love this resource. My students love the challenge and have lots of fun trying each one. I love the background music and it adds a challenge for some to keep their concentration on the rhythms. Thanks so much for all your help when I was struggling. You were quick to respond and help me out the very same day.

  24. Al Hipkins

    I work with 8th graders and was concerned about their buy-in especially with the beginning lessons. After a somewhat rough first class, I continued into day two and surprisingly got nearly 100% participation from my 85 students (4 classes). We are not taking this very far, but the students will be creating their own rhythms, notating them, and then competing against other teams like a marching band drum corp competition with their classmates scoring their creativity and ability to duplicate their opponent’s rhythym. This is working out to be one of my better units.

  25. Lana Smith

    Great teaching tool! Easy and fun. I involve parents and siblings who have never played anything, and they can do it, too! Everyone has fun and learns new things. Thanks, Wendy!

  26. Michael Payne

    I’m a PreK-12 music teacher and it works across the board! My middle schoolers LOVE this! Thanks Wendy!

  27. Halyna Popenko

    Dear Wendy, we love your Rythm cups a lot ! They instantly became a part of lessons, with parents joining in the Fun& Learning. Imagine lots of smiles and giggles, the Cups are great !
    Thank you so much !

  28. Mary

    I did Rhythm Cup Explorations first with the accompaniment. I really enjoyed it on my own. Whewwwww! I so happy that I finished the whole book 1st part. It was really fun and help me focus more of my Rhythm.

    Surely, my students will enjoy it too.

    Thank you so much for introducing this to all teachers. Superb!

  29. Heather

    Having a great time with Rhythm Cup exploration pack. Started off with a simple rhythm which I taught all students.
    Then I took the next step to teach a whole recital audience how to do it too.
    It was just great. Everyone enjoyed a fun break between all those piano pieces.
    Excellent audience participation!!!!
    I’m just a little worried about plastic cups as they are being banned in Australia soon?????
    I might have to have a secret stash for later on!!!

  30. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Heather!

    I haven’t heard that about Australia, but I assume you mean disposable plastic cups will be banned? That’s still no problem because you can use any non-breakable cups. For example, I have a set of more sturdy (not disposable) plastic cups that my family uses and you can definitely use these! As a matter of fact, these kinds of cups won’t break, so you’ll never have to buy them again! Since these cups are a harder plastic, just be sure to use a tablecloth or not to use a table that can get scratched or dented.

    I hope that helps!

  31. Paulette A.

    Hey Wendy,
    What a hit. We have had so much fun with the Rhythm Cup bundle! I even had a parent and student play together. They had so much fun. The student loved being the ‘teacher’.
    He told his Mom how to play and gave very good directions. I also had students that pass one another in lessons try this together. Also a success. Can’t wait to put an ensemble in a recital. Thanks so much😍

  32. Fran ONeill

    My children loved it. Can hardly wait to try it with my students! Thanks so much! *****

  33. Sean

    I have been using the be-jezzus out of Rhythm Cups 1 and 2, and definitely will be purchasing the new “My First..” book. Thanks so much, they have really revolutionized my studio!

  34. Jodie C

    It’s great! I used it at my summer camp and hope to incorporate into group lessons this year.

  35. Allisha Hughes

    My students loved this! We started with My first rhythm ups and the kids (ages 5-11) were eating it up! They loved doing it along with the tracks and that it got faster as we went. Well worth the money!

  36. Laura Crouse

    I did a Rhythm Cup activity with a bunch of Middle and High Schoolers as a way to bond a new group— and when I polled everyone afterwards, it was a unanimous thumbs-up from two dozen teenagers—even the non-joiners. 🙂

  37. Gloria Hartzmann

    My students are begging for rhythm cups at the lesson. I’m excited to try it out with the parents at our Christmas concert…wish me luck!

  38. Katie Spjut

    Every winter we do a rhythm challenge. This year I used Rhythm Cups, My first rhythm cups, and rhythm menagerie to create level appropriate packets for each student based on their goals. One of my little guys saw your name on the mp3 and got so excited to know rhythm cups were from ‘his composer’ Wendy Stevens. The fact that I can get all my students to dust off the metronome and be excited about rhythm is priceless.

  39. Amber Saldivar

    At Adjudications earlier this month, the adjudicator/visiting artist commented on how well all of my students seem to be doing with rhythm and feeling the beat. She asked me what was helping, and I told her your rhythm cup and rhythm menagerie curriculum! 🙂 I think it’s really made a difference, and it’s also a fun activity that gives kids a break from other “normal” piano lesson activities, to change it up and make lessons even more interesting.

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