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Piano Teaching Business Solutions

Online "Stress-free Business Practices" Workshop

piano teaching business solutions

In this popular online workshop, you can learn how to build a successful piano teaching business. Learn how to make a consistent piano teaching income, determine your tuition rate, calculate and implement price increases, take time off for sickness or unexpected events without losing pay, eliminate make-up piano lessons, deal with the over-scheduled students, and communicate big policy changes without losing students.

Because of this training, in the past 4 years I’ve increased my studio income 54%, and I’m projected to increase it an additional 23% in 2015!
Sara Campbell, Piano Teacher, Popular Blopger
You will absolutely, positively make up your investment dollar for dollar, plus the addition of a few days off with no decrease in income! Add to that all the time saved from laboriously invoicing students, arranging makeups, etc. all of that….GONE!
Sherry Poole Todd, Private Piano
I can’t thank you enough for stress-free business practices. For the first time in YEARS, I actually had 2 weeks off of piano teaching. It was heavenly! I feel relaxed and ready to get back into it. You just had the nicest, diplomatic way of explaining.
Melissa Slawsky
Brava, Wendy! There were so many valuable topics, nuggets, and examples offered in this webinar that I would most definitely recommend that others be the first in line to participate next time around. My stress level is already much lower…
Melody Payne, Private Piano Teacher and Blogger
EVERY topic was helpful to me. It helped me get motivated for the new teaching year to hear these great ideas! Please continue to share and inspire.
Leigh Stringfield
Every music teacher needs to see this webinar. Wendy teaches how to respect yourself and be treated with respect in a way that doesn’t offend anyone. Wendy gives a different perspective on many of the complaints I hear from teaching friends. It all makes sense when you hear Wendy’s logical, common-sense explanation of how to solve these problems.
Barbara Stepp, Private Piano Teacher
This was a very well thought out and helpful webinar. It was helpful to me and made me think differently about some things, especially my time and makeup lessons! Wendy is an excellent presenter with a great personality! I think this would be extremely helpful for younger teachers just starting out. It would save them a lot of headaches down the road!
Charley Ann Hopkins, Private Piano Teacher

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