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Free Music Flashcards

Download free music flashcards! These music flashcards can create excitement and enthusiasm for learning music theory.

Giant Music Flashcards (Great for classroom use. Print on card stock 8.5 x 11and laminate and they’ll last forever!)

Landmark Flashcards

Major Minor Chord Flashcards – Front Side

Major Minor Chord Flashcards – Back Side

Free Giant Music Flashcards

Free Snowmen Music Flashcards

Your piano students are going to love these snowmen music flashcards and you can them all in one big bundle below. You can do all kinds of things with these little guys! Here are some ideas about how to use these:

  • Simple matching. Using only one of the three games included (intervals, steps and skips, and white keys), ask students to match the top of each snowman to the appropriate bottom.
  • Time students to see if they can beat their time each time they match.
  • Start a studio wide competition (like “Build a Snowman” winter olympics) to encourage students to be the fastest.
  • Let them practice at home. Feel free to make a set for your students to practice at home. Maybe they’ll get so good at music theory that they can beat you! Please send other teachers to download from this page.
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