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Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks

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Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks add the missing music to Rhythm Menagerie practice! Engaging styles, different ones for every page. These can be used to learn rhythm from Rhythm Menagerie with or without a teacher.

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We want to get music and rhythm IN our students’ bodies!  But it’s hard to do that with just clapping or tapping or body movements.

The Rhythm Menagerie accompaniment music tracks add that missing musical element to the already musical rhythms in Rhythm Menagerie. Sure, you can practice Menagerie rhythms with any drum track or beat. But, music is experienced with other musicians, each playing their own part and it all working together in a big collaborative music making experience!

Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks are not just beats and riffs!

The Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks aren’t just beats and  riffs that are repeated. These are 865 original music tracks created by 2 wonderful musicians at IMMusic that go beautifully with the rhythms in Rhythm Menagerie. There are 12 accompaniment tracks per page and each page features a different style of original music.

Samples of Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks

Single Line Rhythms:

Watch the video for even more samples and to see students doing these. These tracks are all the medium speed (remember there are 3 tempos. The slow and medium tempos include the clapping):

2-handed Rhythms:

Fun with Sounds Rhythms:

Be sure to watch the video for more examples of snorting, meowing, and howling. But if your students are older, you can always skip the “Fun with Sounds” pages that have animal sounds. There’s plenty of non-animal sounds Fun with Sounds pages too (like the 2nd example where you clap and high five)!

3 different tempos for every line!

We include 3 different tempos for every line. Here’s an example from page 68. Notice that there is clapping of the rhythm in the slow and medium tempo. The third tempo allows you to test to see if the student is playing accurately.

What’s included?

  • 865 tracks!
  • 3 tempos for every line
  • The notated rhythm in the Menagerie book is clapped (or tapped with a high/low woodblock for the 2 handed pages) for the first 2 tracks of every line. This allow students to see if they are accurate.
  • The notated rhythm is left out on the 3rd track for every line. This allows the teacher to check so see if the student really knows the rhythm.
  • All kinds of styles of music. There’s a different style for every page. You’ll find everything from calypso to fiddling tunes to classical and disco styles.
  • Clearly labeled tracks so you can see what track goes with what line on what page

With which edition of Rhythm Menagerie do the tracks work?

The accompaniment tracks work with the 2nd/revised edition of Rhythm Menagerie. If you purchased an old edition before August 29, 2017, just log into your account and download the new edition! There are track numbers next to every line so that you know what tracks go with what lines.

Can I use it to teach myself rhythm?

Yes! You can now use Rhythm Menagerie with these accompaniment tracks to learn rhythm on your own. This is because the first 2 tracks of each line (there are 3 tracks per line) include the clapping (or right hand/left hand tapping) of the notated rhythm in the Rhythm Menagerie book. So, you can check yourself to see if you are performing the rhythm accurately in those first two lines. Then, you can have fun making music with the 3rd track without the clapping.

Is this only for young students?

No! Rhythm Menagerie can be used with any age of students with just a few modifications. The only thing you need to be sensitive to is whether your student might or might not think it is fun to make animal sounds. Only 10% of the pages have animal sounds on them. So, just skip those pages or replace it with some other, more preferred antic, like high fiving or clapping behind your back!

How are Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks organized?

We have carefully organized the Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment tracks into 8 folders. Each track is carefully labeled and the proper meta data has been assigned to them so that you can easily move them into an iTunes playlist or your favorite music player. But if that’s too complicated, all you have to do is double click any of the mp3 files (and each says exactly what line and unit it’s from) and it will play on whatever your default music player is.

The tracks are delivered to you in eight zip folders. All you need to do is double click the zip folder and a folder by the same name will be extracted. Then either move your files or double click them to play!

I need to learn more about Rhythm Menagerie!

Rhythm Menagerie is the first book in the comprehensive rhythm curriculum that is designed to take away the distractions of note reading and other things so that students can get the fundamental component of rhythm in their bodies. Watch this video to learn more:

Rhythm Menagerie Progress Charts plus Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks from ComposeCreate.comDon’t forget the stunning progress charts for Rhythm Menagerie!

You can purchase the stunning progress charts that go with Rhythm Menagerie along with the Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks for an even further reduced price! Just choose that option in the drop down menu next to edition (above the “Add to Cart button”)

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5 reviews for Rhythm Menagerie Accompaniment Tracks

  1. Brent

    These tracks are exactly what I was needing to make the Rhythm Menagerie curriculum really fit seamlessly into my studio! This will make the rhythms more fun and easier to teach. Thank you, Wendy, for going the extra mile and adding the finishing touches to an already great product! Excellent work!


  2. Catherine Kling

    My studio is having a blast with rhythm cups and rhythm menagerie. I have rhythm manipulations too and I would love to see some backing tracks for that too.

  3. Mysti Dye

    This has been such a huge hit in my studio. Not only is it helping my students become strong with counting and become comfortable with rhythms before they encounter them in music, but it has also helped me on the business end as well. Offering programs such as Rhythm Menagerie sets my studio apart from other area studios and gives my studio families added value.

  4. Sheila Heubach

    I have also been using the Rhythm Menagerie with the tracks after your last seminar you did, and everyone has been loving it. I have a couple in their 80’s that are just learning ukulele and 1 is new to music and rhythm – so you can imagine some difficulties I’ve had. After a few weeks of using Menagerie during lessons he is finally getting it! Yeah!

  5. Rachel Kuske

    I couldn’t teach without Rhythm Menagerie. Besides kids not practicing, lack of rhythm is the biggest problem, and you make it fun and doable.

    And the backing tracks are indispensable. Technically you could do it without the tracks, but they add so much. Besides being in different styles, they really do help kids understand that the steady beat and proper rhythm go hand in hand with real music. I love that the tracks are at different tempos and that the slower ones have the claps included as part of the track. It helps support the beginners and those that are not as confident, but for the fast track those added claps are taken away so it’s not a crutch. Well thought-out pedagogically. 😉 And as we go on in the book, other styles of clapping and tapping are added to keep it fresh, As I said, it was one of my best investments!

    One of my all-time best investments!

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