Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling

Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling I've been composing during this slow month of December. Does that sound glamorous? Maybe so, and I don't want to minimize the ecstasy that happens when a piece is started or when a piece is finished. But ohhhhh that middle part. That part that [...]

A Look Inside the Process of Composing Music – What’s behind the NEW black key holiday piece!

The Process of Composing Music - What's behind the NEW black key holiday piece! We've all had beginning piano students who are just not ready to move to the white keys as quickly as their books think they are! Maybe you've also have students who have moved to the white [...]

Don’t Underestimate Your Students

Don't Underestimate Your Students When I was in Rochester last year, I had the privilege of meeting a number of wonderful teachers. One of them in particular, Teddy, has been so lovely to send me little inspiring stories. Even if you do not ever use the Easy Amazing Grace arrangement that [...]

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Get To Know Me Teacher, Please?! FREE Resource for Music Teachers

Here's a FREE printable that will help you get to know your students better and even help you be a more creative teacher. How? Creativity never exists in a vacuum so the more you know about your students, the more creative you can be!

How Dependency is a GOOD Thing for Me (and Maybe You?)

I've been thinking about how dependent I am on so many people. And in spite of the messages we get about dependency, realizing this can have a good impact on our relationships.

A Faustian Rhythm Bargain

Tears were streaming down my face as I sat on the cold wooden bench at my Baldwin piano. I finally had to admit that I had no idea how to play the rhythm in this piece. I bawled.  "I can't do it!" I told my mother. "I can't count. I'm going to [...]

HELP! Give Me One Technique for Dealing with Difficult Piano Parents

Along with you, I've had my share over the years of dealing with highly emotional parents, tiger moms, complaints, unkind emails, and irrational requests. It happens to any teacher, I'm sure. But even empathy from others is not wonderfully helpful when it happens. HELP! Give Me One Technique for Dealing with Difficult Piano Parents [...]

GIVEAWAY! What’s Wrong With the Way We Practice?

Do you ask your students how many days they practiced during the week? Maybe you look in their assignment sheets to see how many days they've practiced? Yep, I do too. But I know that the amount of time they practice does not always correlate to the progress that they make. I've [...]

How To Get and Stay Creative – even with constant distractions

6 Ways to Get and Stay Creative Sometimes when you read someone's blog, you get the idea that they have this fantastically neat and perfect life in which they have beautiful, fireside, quiet moments to write a blog post, create an interesting game, or in my case, compose a piece of [...]

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Meeting Inspiration Halfway?

I've been reading a lot about disciplines and the need to pro-actively train our minds so that our natural inclination is to do the best and the right thing. I love the way Tchaikovsky talks about discipline as it relates to composition in a letter to his benefactress, Nadezhda von [...]

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