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New Easy Hymn Arrangement

Add Be Thou My Vision to Cart $9.99 $8.99  (expires 6/28/19) Studio license New Easy Hymn Arrangement One of my favorite hymns is Be Thou My Vision. I love both the melody and the words in this very old Irish tune. Yet, if you've ever tried [...]

A Cheese Piece – Inspired by Henry

$9.99 $8.99 Studio license (only through 5/17/19) Add to Cart More Fun Food Music! Today, I'm releasing more fun food music! Tasty Tunes and Snack Time have been super popular with teachers and students and I think a cheese piece inspired by Henry will be loved by many [...]

New Advanced Easter Music!

$9.99  $8.99 Studio license Add to Cart New Advanced Easter Music Easter is about new life and new beginnings and the unique resurrection of Christ. So, I've often felt that playing the same arrangements of the same tunes over and over again every year didn't really represent Easter! [...]

New Inspirational Recital Music for the Teacher

$9.99  $8.99 Studio license Add to Cart New Inspirational Recital Music for the Teacher I'm so happy to unveil some new inspirational recital music that's dear to my heart. It's a beautiful piece that would be perfect for you or your advancing students to play at your spring [...]

New Soccer Piano Piece!

$9.99  Studio license Add to Cart New Soccer Piano Piece! For years now, ever since the release of Buzzer Beater (a basketball piece) and Football Fever, teachers have been asking for a soccer piano piece! [Football for the rest of the world.] But whatever you call it, it's [...]

#2 is now released! – Beginning farm animal piano piece

 $9.99  Studio license Add to Cart New Rote and Reading® Farm Animal Piano Piece! Do you remember how your mom used to ask you to clean your room as a child? It seemed like she was always asking. And if you had a brother or sister, it was [...]

New Series of Music – If you liked “Up Sandy Ripple Road…”

 $9.99Studio license Add to Cart New Series of Pieces - If you liked "Up Sandy Ripple Road..." One of my favorite pieces that I was able to compose to be published by Willis Piano Music is "Up Sandy Ripple Road." This piece was inspired by the intriguing writing [...]

New Beginner Rote and Reading® Piece That Kids Will Love!

 $9.99 $8.99 Studio license (Short sale) Add to Cart New Beginner Rote and Reading® Piece That Kids Will Love! Last year, I had a teacher tell me that one of her students had a pig for a pet. I loved imagining what this was like! In addition, I [...]

New Intermediate Audience Participation Spy Piece!

 $9.99 Studio license Add to Cart New intermediate audience participation spy piece! You've been asking for another audience participation piece for quite some time now since Mob Bop has been so popular! So, I'm more than excited to tell you about a new intermediate audience participation spy piece that [...]

Japanese Tasty Tunes, Sneezes, and Black Key Blast Now Available!

Japanese Publisher Publishes 3 Wendy Stevens Books I'm a little in shock right now. Yes, I've been working with a Japanese publisher for the last few months on this project, but still, seeing it in print and right in front of me is amazing! [And reading the story at [...]

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