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New Holiday Rote and Reading Pieces!

Add Both Pieces to Cart New Holiday Rote Piano Pieces! We want students that are excited about their holiday music. So excited that they run to the piano to practice and want to practice and play all the time! We want them to actually improve their skills while working on [...]

New! Peaceful Deck the Halls Arrangement

A New, Peaceful Deck the Halls Arrangement You might already be familiar with the rousing and energetic Deck the Hall Hoedown (late intermediate to advanced) and the easy but impressive sounding Deck the Hall arrangement for elementary students. But today, we are releasing a peaceful Deck the Halls for [...]

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New Rote Teaching Piece – Canadian Piano Music

New Rote Teaching Piece - Canadian Piano Music! Yes, this is the first in a series of pieces of Canadian piano music that can be taught by reading or rote! The response to the African Adventure Series of Reading and Rote pieces has been extraordinary and I want to [...]

New 2017 Halloween Piano Sheet Music!

New 2017 Halloween Piano Sheet Music I'm excited to announce that there's some new halloween piano sheet music on the block! And as you've come to expect from Halloween piano sheet music on ComposeCreate, it's definitely got that big and impressive sound for your mid to late elementary students. [...]

3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming + FREE Rhythm Menagerie Sample

Download FREE Menagerie Sample! 3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming! I'm so excited to announce to you that we are going to be releasing 3 big new rhythm resources on August 29th, [...]

New Big Sounding Piece! Perfect for Solar Eclipse Excitement!

Is it Solar Eclipse Music? To tell you I am excited about this new piece would be an understatement! But here's why I'm so excited: We all want music that motivates and teachers our students to play artistically and to play well. But our students just want to sound [...]

The Elephant’s Phone Number – Get students to pay attention to piano fingering!

The Elephants Phone Number - Piano Fingering Issues Many of you know African Safari is not only a new and popular Reading and Rote piece in the ComposeCreate store, but it's also a popular rote teaching piece in the Piano Safari piano method. As a matter of fact, its popularity [...]

New Epic-Sounding Cup Tapping Patriotic Music!

New Epic Cup Tapping Patriotic Music Yes, you read that right. Today's the day we release cup tapping patriotic music! I haven't been this excited about something for a while and you that I get excited a lot, so that's saying something! Summer Goals - Are they too big? In [...]

New Piece in the “What Kids Think Music” Series!

New Music from the "What Kids Think Music" Series I'm so excited to share about the newest piece that's part of the "What Kids Think Music" series. As a parent, I often scratch my head when I learn what my kids are thinking! In my not-so-stellar parenting moments, I [...]

New-fashioned Hymn Series! Piece #1

New-Fashioned Hymn Series - A new collaboration! I'm so excited about this new-fashioned hymn series which we are launching today! I'm excited because it represents a collaboration between two artists, a composer and a visual artist. But First - Big Copyright News! The old book so many of you [...]