How to Organize an Exciting Community Rhythm Cups

How to Organize an Exciting Community Rhythm Cups The possibilities for using Rhythm Cup Explorations are endless and today, I'd like to share how you can do a Community Rhythm Cups event! Even people who have never had any formal musical training can learn and have with Rhythm Cup [...]

How to Become an Indispensable Piano Teacher

How to Become an Indispensable Piano Teacher In a world where parents are constantly re-evaluating the cost of a recurring service, job security may depend in part on how indispensable we are to our piano students. How do we become an indispensable piano teacher? How do we keep parents [...]

Are Gift Certificates for Piano Lessons a Good Idea?

Teachers frequently ask if offering gift certificates for piano lessons is wise. Here's all you need to know to market piano lessons with gift certificates AND get FREE gift certificates to edit or print for your own use in your own studio!

Should I Post My Tuition Price on My Website?

Here is something you might not have considered about posting your piano teaching tuition price online...

Get Your Free Studio Newsletter Sample and Template!

Get your free studio newsletter template as well as a list of benefits for why you should create a studio newsletter to implement new policies and news.

This Email Could Be the Difference Between a Full Studio and Losing Piano Students

We must continue to market piano lessons even to existing families because parents are always re-evaluating the value of a recurring expense like piano lessons. Send them this email to help!

How to Optimize Your Web Presence

Here's the third and final installment of the "Importance of a Web Presence" series by Kevin Kao. I'm sure your convinced now based on "How Has Word of Mouth Marketing Changed" that you need a presence on the web. And based on the last article, you're relieved to know that [...]

Importance of a Web Presence: How to (easily) Stake Your Claim Online

In the first post (Importance of a Web Presence: How Has Word of Mouth Changed?) of this series, we looked at how word of mouth has evolved and is now more powerful than ever - but only IF you have an online presence. In this article, guest blogger Kevin Kao [...]

How Has Word of Mouth Marketing Changed for the Piano Teacher?

I'm so excited to bring you a new series of articles by a wonderful teacher and blogger I had the privilege of meeting at NCKP 2013. Kevin Kao impressed with me his brief and friendly introduction of himself. Through chatting, I found that he writes a blog for piano teachers [...]

Why Market When I Don’t Need New Students?

Piano Student Marketing In the Stress-free Business Practices for your Studio workshops, I talk about how important it is to continue marketing to our current families. This has become especially evident to me as I am now that I am a mother of three. I along with most mothers and [...]