Make-up Lesson Boundaries – Are you enabling bad behavior?

Click to download a printable copy of this article Make-up Lesson Boundaries - Are you enabling bad behavior? You've heard about the importance of setting boundaries, right? About 10 years ago, that phase, "setting boundaries" was all the rage in counseling. So many books were written about it and [...]

What are the Foundational Reasons for Having Piano Policies?

Piano Policies: 6 Foundational Reasons We Have Them Sometimes it is easy to get in a tizzy about making policy changes when something pushes us to our limit. Conversely, some teachers “set it and forget it,” to the detriment of not making policy changes when needed, or not revising [...]

How to Get Paid on Time for Piano Lessons

Get Paid on Time as a Piano Teacher! How do you get paid on time for piano lessons? Because after you have moved from a per-lesson payment system to a tuition based structure as advocated in the "Best Stress-free Business Policies" online workshop, you might still struggle with this problem. There are many [...]

The Secret to Saying No and Enforcing a No Make Up Lessons Policy

How to Say "No" and Enforce a No Make Up Lessons Policy Now that you know how to move to a no make-up lessons policy, it's time to learn how to implement your policy! I hesitate to use the word "enforce" because the word has a rigid ring to it. And [...]

I’m Not Trying to Scare You – But don’t forget this in your policy!

What you may have forgotten in your piano policy... A few weeks ago, a teaching friend emailed me with a very scary story. She and I both think you might want to read this. It's a good reminder to make sure you include a place to update emergency contact information every year [...]

What You Need to Know About a Piano Lesson Photo Release (&Video)

What You Need to Know About a Piano Lesson Photo Release If you take pictures or videos in your studio and plan to include them in publications or on the internet, it is imperative that you inform parent of this and get their consent in a piano lesson photo release. [...]

What My Obstetrician Taught Me About Repeating Myself About Piano Policies

Repeating Myself About Piano Policies - What My OB Taught Me "I'm so tired of repeating myself about piano policies. Why can't my families just get my make up policy (or tuition structure or late fee)?" This is a common complaint among piano teachers and I completely empathize. I get [...]

3 Reasons NOT to Cancel Lessons for Snow Days

3 Reasons NOT to Cancel Lessons for Snow Days Do you really need to cancel lessons for snow days? There are 2 short answers to this question: Yes! - if you want to play in the snow yourself. No! - if you don't. Here are 3 reasons not to cancel lessons for [...]

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Should I Post My Tuition Price on My Website?

Here is something you might not have considered about posting your piano teaching tuition price online...

New Online Piano Workshops – Video 1 – Free Policy Guide & Clock Wording

All new online piano teaching workshops are coming soon - including one on taxes, liability, and marketing! Watch this video to learn ways of dealing with a vexing problem you might have.