New Online Piano Workshops – Video 1 – Free Policy Guide & Clock Wording

All new online piano teaching workshops are coming soon - including one on taxes, liability, and marketing! Watch this video to learn ways of dealing with a vexing problem you might have.

What’s Your Agreement to Terms Good For? Court?

What's Your Piano Lesson Agreement to Terms Good for? In the last Dollars and Sense post, I told you about the elements that are essential to a good piano lesson Agreement to Terms. And in our upcoming "Stress-free Business Practices" webinar, we'll talk about all the policies that will help you [...]

Is Your Agreement to Terms Missing Key Ingredients?

A number of the fantastic teachers that have attended the "Best Stress-free Business Practices" workshops have told me that you'd love to see what my Agreement to Terms looks like. And in the last post on Swap List Rules, I mentioned that I include an option for parents to opt into the [...]

Dueling Students at My Door – Time for Swap List Rules

[Knock, Knock.] I bounded up the stairs to let my next student in (that's my exercise for teaching days). I opened the door and discovered to my horror that 2 of my students were standing there. And they were NOT siblings! Oh dear. In a split second, I reviewed in [...]

A Guide to Moving Students to Longer Lessons

I think one of the most stressful things in teaching piano is trying to "fit it all in." It's really quite difficult no matter how much time you have with a students because there are so many things to do! But, it's particularly difficult if you only have 30 minutes [...]

Should I Raise My Teaching Rates This Year?

How Often Should I Raise Teaching Rates? It’s that time of year when we all start updating our policies! I hope that you’ve had a chance to read about “How to Move to a No Makeups Policy.” You will be so glad you did! So maybe you've already determined [...]

How to Move to a No Makeups Piano Policy

How to Move to a No Makeups Piano Policy Are you struggling with moving to a no makeups piano policy? Since giving the "Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio," I've had a number of teachers write to say that they are no longer giving makeup lessons. In addition, this [...]

The Doctor Teaches the Piano Teacher

Have you noticed that in the last 10 years, doctors offices, dentists office, physical therapy offices have started charging a cancellation fee if you don’t show up to your appointment or don’t cancel your appointment within 24 hours? It used to be $50 and now I'm seeing it as [...]

How Do You Handle the Monday Holidays?

After presenting about tuition structures that allow us teachers to be paid the same amount every month regardless of the number of lessons, I'm often asked how I handle Monday holidays since that seems to mean that Monday students will get fewer lessons. There are at least 3 federal holidays [...]

More on Snow Days, Jury Duty, Knee Surgery…Unscheduled Time Off

Back in March, I posted this article on how to take unscheduled time off (for when you are sick, your kids are sick, you have jury duty, knee surgery, maternity leave, etc.) and not experience a change in your monthly income. I wanted to revisit this topic and give some [...]