A number of the fantastic teachers that have attended the “Best Stress-free Business Practices” workshops have told me that you’d love to see what my Agreement to Terms looks like. And in the last post on Swap List Rules, I mentioned that I include an option for parents to opt into the swap lesson list on my Agreement to Terms. So, let’s talk about what’s essential to have in an Agreement to Terms! Then, you can see mine at the end of the post. AND I’m also excited to tell you that you can now attend the “Best Stress-free Business Practices for the Music Studio” in your living room at our upcoming webinar!

What should a music teacher’s Agreement to Terms contain?

1. A paragraph describing to what the parent is agreeing.

For example,

I have read the 2014 ComposeCreate.com piano lesson policy and I agree to abide by all the terms and conditions in that document.  

Obviously, you’ll want to make sure you give them this policy when you give them the agreement to terms. Your policy also needs to be thorough and include such things as permission to obtain medical treatment for a child if necessary, etc.

2. A space for a signature of the financially responsible party

Be sure to have them date it as well.

3. The signature of the student taking lessons.

This does not really bind the student to anything since they are not an adult and cannot sign a contract, but asking the students to sign that they have read and understand what is expected of them is a good thing to ensure that they have at least been told.

Here’s what the student section of my agreement to terms says:

Please list the names of children you wish to enroll for the semester. Next to their name, the student should sign their name indicating they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the last 4 sections of the policy

[this includes recitals, practice time, books, and dismissals and termination]. 

4. A place for parents to opt-in or opt-out of the swap list

Here’s what my agreement says:

Will you give your permission to list your name, phone number, and email on this year’s swap list?
__ Yes ___ No
By giving permission to be included, you agree that you will be willing to swap lessons with another student if you are able. Please note that swap lists are only to be used for swapping lessons and not for contacting families for solicitation purposes.

5. A place to update contact information

It’s important that we have parent’s contact information in case of emergency. In addition, email addresses get hacked and you never know when someone changes or adds an email (like a student’s).

6. A deadline

Make sure you are clear on what date they need to return the agreement in order to have a place in your studio.

There are many other things you can include in your agreement, but which you can also put in your policy and just have them agree to it by signing the Agreement to Terms. These are just the most essential things to have in your Agreement to Terms.

Here’s my Agreement to Terms! And stay tuned, because in the next post, I’ll be talking about exactly what your Agreement to Terms is good for!

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