Do you need to make a more consistent income? Do you need to make more money? Are you tired of scheduling make up lessons? Do you need paid time off or sick leave? Do you want to know how to determine a reasonable rate for lessons? Do you want to know how to make policy changes without revolts in your studio? Do you want to know how to deal with over-scheduled students? And do you want to be one of the first teachers in the world see some BRAND NEW dynamic music that will rock your studio and is hot of the press?

If you answered yes, then I’m so excited to to tell you that the popular “Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Music Studio” is now available as a webinar! That’s right! You can now watch a live presentation of these sessions and more right in the comfort of your own home! Here, let me tell you about it:

The Best Stress-free Business Practices for the Music Teacher Webinar

If you didn’t watch the video, please do so! You’ll see what we’ll cover as well as hear what others who have taken these workshops think (workshops given at SMU, NCKP, NFMC conferences and more)!

Why would I want to attend this music teaching business webinar?
Will it be worth the investment?

Here’s what Sherry Todd, an attendee from these workshops says,

Wendy’s “Stress-free Business Practices” workshops are probably the single most important workshops a private piano teacher can take! Because of her workshop, I am now working less, enjoying teaching more, and not one of my parents has even uttered a murmur about fees or schedules. I am no longer tearing out my hair with monthly invoices and makeup lessons! 

You will absolutely make up your investment, dollar for dollar, and then some!

Kristi Negri, another attendee had this to say,

I was skeptical at first, but now I work less, make more money, and am much less stressed!

What are the dates? What does it cost?

Dates: August 5th-6th (but you can watch it later too!) The live event is over, but you can register to watch the recordings through Sept. 6.
Times:  10:00-11:45 (I’ll try to be done by 11:30, but want to leave a little wiggle room for questions)  Watch about 3.5 hours of piano teaching advice ANY time between now and September 5th, 2014.
Format: A 2-morning webinar that you can watch from your computer, iPhone, iPad, or tablet! Watch it live or a recorded version for a limited time!  Now you can get access to the recorded version of the webinar! Just email me
Price: Both days for $99!

Email Me to Register!

if you want to view the recorded session. It will only be available to watch through September 5th!  

Can I watch this on my tablet, iPad or iPhone?

Yes! This is a 2-day workshop which you can view on a computer, iPad, iPhone, tablet, and even call in and listen on your phone! I have tried out 4 different webinar platforms and have purchased the one that is easiest for you to use and will give you the best experience!

I can’t make it for both days. Can I watch a recording?

Yes! We will be recording the webinar and you can watch it for a limited time at a later date. Anyone who registers will get information on how to watch the recording when it is available.

I’ve never done a webinar before and I’m not tech savvy! Is it easy to do?

Yes, it’s very simple and you’ll get instructions with your personal link right after you register. You’ll get reminders in your email the day before and the hour before, so all you have to do is click the link, download any software required (they make it easy) and you’re in! Be sure to check your spam or junk email folder if you don’t see an email from “gototraining” after you register. Move it to your inbox so that future emails won’t get lost.

I have a few questions!

By all means email me or call me (913) 890-3531. Because I have a house of noisy children (I’m grateful for them), sometimes I miss calls and will need to call you back, so email is best. But don’t hesitate to call if you still have questions!

What’s the schedule?

Here are the specific things we will cover on these days:

Tuesday August 5th, 10:00-11:45 CST

  • Correcting False Narratives
    So much of the time, we know we need to make a change, but just lack the courage and follow-through to do it. Learn how to identify and correct the subconscious things that we believe that keep us from making good decisions and following through. Arm yourself with true narratives that will give you the courage to follow through in implementing those decisions.
  • Setting a reasonable rate
    Learn how to figure out if your rate is reasonable in your area even if you think other teacher’s rates are not! Learn why it is important to step out of your profession to set your rates.
  • Tuition schedule
    Learn 3 ways of structuring your tuition such that you get paid the same amount every month, regardless of the number of lessons in each month!
  • Price increases
    Discover how often you should make tuition increases, what really happens when you don’t make increases, and how to manage families’ expectations of increases.
  • Rhythm Issues
    Learn something about teaching rhythm that no one is talking about these days, but will make a huge difference in how proficient your students become in rhythm.
  • Special Offers
    If you have been waiting for an amazing sale on Rhythm Menagerie, Manipulations, or the bundle of Menagerie, Manipulations, and Cup Explorations…make sure you attend this live so that you can take advantage of a short one time offer. We’ll also talk about some principles in teaching rhythm so that you can use these even if you don’t use the Rhythm Explorations curriculum.
  • Flex weeks
    Learn how to add “flex weeks” to your schedule so that you can take time off during the year for sickness, snow days, and even sanity checks without a change in your monthly income!
  • Time off
    Compare how much time you take off to how much time a teacher of kids usually needs to stay happy, healthy, and not burn out.

August 6th, 10:00-11:45 CST

  • Makeup lessons
    Learn how to completely eliminate the need to give makeup lessons by giving families a few reasonable alternatives that don’t take any additional time or effort from you!
  • The over-scheduled student
    Who doesn’t have over-scheduled students these days in their studio? Learn very creative ways of dealing with these students which don’t require you to bend over backwards, give makeup lessons, or add stress to your life!
  • Communicating
    Changing any policy smoothly all depends on how you communicate it. Learn strategic things to do that will help you make major changes without a revolt!
  • Brand New Music that will ROCK your recital!
    I’m not kidding about this! YOU will be the first teachers to hear about several brand new pieces that will rock the house, including a piece that includes audience participation!
  • Longer Lessons
    Learn how to move students to longer lessons
  • Vexing problems
    Do you have students who arrive to early? Students who stay too late? Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again? Do want some tips for reducing all the stress in your life?
  • Q & A
    And last, but certainly not least, I hope to have a little time at the end to answer some of your questions live!

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