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What is a Full-Time Piano Teacher?

Click to download a printable copy of this article Are You a Full-Time Piano Teacher? How do you define a full-time piano teacher? How many students make up a full-time studio? Determining this is important because it can significantly affect your health and how you run your business. Some [...]

New Editable 30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts for 2018

Click to get the charts! This is the day we start releasing the new resources and music for the 2018 teaching year! And the first thing I want to give you is a brand new set of 30 and 40 piece challenge charts! What's Included in the Free Editable [...]

New Spring Recital Template You Can Edit!

Last year’s spring recital template was very popular. But several teacher requested that we create a brand new spring recital template where you can also edit the title. So today, I’m excited to announce the release of the 2018 Spring Recital Template you can edit!

All Holiday Piano Pieces by Level – 2017 Edition

Holiday Piano Music by Level - 2017 Edition I've had a few teachers tell me that they'd like to have a list of all the ComposeCreate holiday piano pieces by level. Now, we do have something like this where you can sort by level in the Holiday Store, but [...]

Fall Recital Program – The title is even editable!

Add to Cart Fall Recital Program Template - Editable! Would you like to have a fall recital program so professional looking that people who attend ask you where they can buy tickets? That's exactly what happened to one teacher when she used the spring recital program template [...]

The Secret to Saying No and Enforcing a No Make Up Lessons Policy

How to Say "No" and Enforce a No Make Up Lessons Policy Now that you know how to move to a no make-up lessons policy, it's time to learn how to implement your policy! I hesitate to use the word "enforce" because the word has a rigid ring to it. And [...]

30 Piece Challenge Certificates – Designed by an Artist for You!

30 Piece Challenge Certificates The long awaited 40 piece challenge and 30 piece challenge certificates are finally here! Haven't you wanted great looking 30 piece challenge certificates that actually match your charts thematically? I thought so! So I hired an artist to design professional certificates that work with any of the [...]

New Piano Student Interviews – How to seal the deal

New Piano Student Interviews - How to Seal the Deal With Cups First impressions can often seal the deal or turn it sour. This is especially true when you conduct new piano student interviews! When I was in San Antonio for the MTNA conference, I met Christina Whitlock who excitedly told [...]

Piano Teaching Workshop SALE – Thanksgiving Black Friday Week!

Never before have we offered the super popular business piano teaching workshops at such a low price...but we are doing so Thanks giving week. They are both on sale, but if you buy the bundle, they're half price! Offer ends on Black Friday at 6:oo p.m. CST! Watch the videos below to [...]

The Best Music Christmas Party Ever – Already planned for you!

Here is your full lesson plan, 2 free games, and the secret to a stress-free and super fun holiday or Music Christmas Party for your piano students or music classroom.