New Music Certificate Templates!

$4.99  $2.99 Studio license Add to Cart New Vertical Music Certificates! Over the last few years, I've received a number of requests for a modern attractive music certificate to award to students at recitals or special events.  You might remember that I'm not a huge certificate fan, since [...]

New Spring Recital Template You Can Edit!

Last year’s spring recital template was very popular. But several teacher requested that we create a brand new spring recital template where you can also edit the title. So today, I’m excited to announce the release of the 2018 Spring Recital Template you can edit!

I need your opinion! Be a part of a new creation…

Weigh in on the creative of something useful! As you know, we love creating things that help you and your students to flourish! And sometimes it's really helpful to get input from teachers like you before the item is even created. But we have a "thing" about certificates... Over [...]

Rare coupon for 15% off!

It's been several years since we've done any kind of coupon for music. Part of the reason is that the studio license is such a huge savings already and we are still committed to offering the best price when a studio-licensed piece first comes out. BUT, since it's spring break [...]

Earth Day Recital – Nature Theme Piano Recital

Earth Day Recital - Nature Theme Piano Recital Hundreds of teachers visit and download the ComposeCreate Recital Themes each year. So I thought it might be helpful to start a series of posts with piano recital themes. Let me know if you like this idea in the comments...I'll bring out [...]

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What are the Foundational Reasons for Having Piano Policies?

Piano Policies: 6 Foundational Reasons We Have Them Sometimes it is easy to get in a tizzy about making policy changes when something pushes us to our limit. Conversely, some teachers “set it and forget it,” to the detriment of not making policy changes when needed, or not revising [...]

FREE Winter Sports Music Games and Flashcards

Click to Download FREE Winter Sports Music Games and Flashcards When the Winter Olympics start on February 9th, your students are going to be soooo motivated by anything that has that spirit of healthy competition, doing your best, and excelling. So, we wanted to create a brand new [...]

Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling

Composing is Like Alligator Wrestling I've been composing during this slow month of December. Does that sound glamorous? Maybe so, and I don't want to minimize the ecstasy that happens when a piece is started or when a piece is finished. But ohhhhh that middle part. That part that [...]

Holiday Music Games and Activities – For groups, classrooms, and private lessons

Holiday Music Games for Everyone - Includes Free Games It's time to have some holiday fun at your private lessons, group lessons, holiday parties, and in the classroom! So here's a handy list of both free resources and resources that are affordably priced to use in your celebrating! There [...]

New Holiday Recital Template 2017! Naturally Elegant!

Add to Cart $7.99   $6.99 New Holiday Recital Template - Editable! Wouldn't you like to have a holiday recital template that doesn't remind you of the commercialism of Christmas or the holidays? There is no shortage of "clip-arty" images [...]