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Pantone Color of the Year – Coral 30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts!

Download the free charts! I fell in love with Pantone's color of the year for 2019. It's a beautiful coral color and just seems perfect for a new color set for fresh 30 an 40 piece challenge charts. I love what Pantone says about how and why they select [...]

How to Organize an Exciting Community Rhythm Cups

How to Organize an Exciting Community Rhythm Cups The possibilities for using Rhythm Cup Explorations are endless and today, I'd like to share how you can do a Community Rhythm Cups event! Even people who have never had any formal musical training can learn and have with Rhythm Cup [...]

Penguin Music Game

Penguin Music Game I love it when teacher's share their own creative ideas! Gerri Longo told me about a fun way she's combined the Penguin Music Note Match game with Pengaloo* in her lessons and it was too good not to share with you. [Keep in mind that I [...]

New Vivaldi Music Certificates!

$4.99 Studio license (on sale for a limited time) Add to Cart New Vivaldi Music Certificates! Today, we're adding to the collection of 21st Century certificate designs! I love this new Vivaldi Music Certificate package because it pairs perfectly with the new Vivaldi Spring Recital Program Template Package [...]

New 2019 Spring Template!

Add to Cart $7.99 Studio license (sale for a limited time) New Spring Template Package! I'm so excited about this year's spring template package because it's just so beautiful. It's my favorite so far. The colors are popular, it features Vivaldi's spring melody, it showcases beautiful [...]

New Sports Music Flashcards

$4 Studio license Add to Cart New Sports Music Flashcards and Games I have a soccer lover in my house now. And I've found that if I can tie soccer to anything, it's automatically fun for my kiddo! So it seemed only natural with the release of the new [...]

Yellow overlays for dyslexic piano students – Does it work?

Yellow overlays for dyslexic piano students? Do you know the name Cappy Kennedy Cory? Cappy wrote music for the Noona Piano Method a while ago, but she's been a dear email friend of mine for quite some time. She emailed me last year to tell me how she's been [...]

Six Seasonal Songs to Share – New Design

Click to download Six Seasonal Songs to Share - New Design I'm going to be gut honest with you. During the Christmas break, my child will not be practicing every day. As a matter of fact, there will quite a few days that my child will not be "practicing" at all. [...]

The 2018 All is Calm Pieces are Here!

Click to Purchase the Studio-Licensed Bundle $19.98  $17.98 - Studio Licensed Bundle - This can be used by not only you, but any students you directly teach for as long as you live! Scroll down if [...]

Free Gift #2 – 2018 All is Calm Holiday Gift Tags

We're sorry, but the offer for the free gift tags has expired. However, you can still get the gift tags AND recordings by purchasing the 2018 All is Calm studio licensed bundle. Get the Bundle and Bonuses [...]