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Bring Rhythm Cup Explorations to a Teacher Meeting – for Free!

When I was program chair of our local association, I was always on the lookout for meeting ideas that would be exciting and would inject energy into our membership. And I was especially excited if the program was easy! So I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that [...]

How Rhythm Menagerie Works – Video 2

Download FREE Menagerie Sample! How Rhythm Menagerie Works Tuesday, August 29th is the day we'll be releasing the 3 new resources, including an updated, more musical edition of Rhythm Menagerie. But I wanted [...]

3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming + FREE Rhythm Menagerie Sample

Download FREE Menagerie Sample! 3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming! I'm so excited to announce to you that we are going to be releasing 3 big new rhythm resources on August 29th, [...]

The Sweet Spirit at MTNA 2017!

The Sweet Spirit of MTNA 2017 in Pictures Thank you to all who attended the ComposeCreate meet-up at MTNA 2017! I really can't begin to describe how sweet the spirit was in the teachers who were there! There were over 100 teachers who RSVP'd and over 115 teachers who [...]

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MTNA 2017 Meet Up!

MTNA 2017 ComposeCreate Community Meet-up I'm so excited about this year's MTNA conference! There are so many wonderful sessions on the program. But what I'm most excited about is getting together with you and the ComposeCreate community! Last year, I found out that I scheduled a dinner at the [...]

Now Available! Online Piano Teacher Workshop “Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child?” Now Available!!!

"Have You Forgotten What It's Like to be a Child?" Online Workshop It’s been anywhere from 10 to 70 years since any of us have been a [...]

How to Engage Piano Students – Video Lesson 2

↓ Click, then check your email in a few minutes! You MUST confirm your email to get it! ↓ Download the FREE Accidental and Elephant Cards! Workshop Now Available! "Have You Forgotten What It's Like to be a Child? [...]

How Piano Students Learn New Information – Video Lesson 1 and BIG Announcement!

↓ Click then check your email in a few minutes! ↓ Download the FREE Charts and Ideas Here! Workshop Now Available! "Have You Forgotten What It's Like to be a Child? [...]