Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

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If you thought Rhythm Cup Explorations Book 1 was fun, you are going to love this second cup tapping rhythm book.


Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

If you thought Rhythm Cup Explorations Book 1 was fun, you are going to love this second cup tapping rhythm book. Students are crazy about cup tapping these days and this book will ignite their passion for perfecting rhythms they’ve learned in the core curriculum Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 features even more fun including new cup tapping techniques, 5 units instead of 4, more pages per unit, and special eighth note and sixteenth note syncopation units to help your students practice 21st Century complicated rhythms. Watch the video and see all the details in Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 below.

What are some benefits to using Rhythm Cup Explorations?

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 makes rhythm practice fun, perfect for a “bring-a-friend” lesson, new neural pathways form in the brain when practicing rhythm in new ways, rhythm skills will improve…and much more!

Don’t forget the beats!

Get a unique accompaniment beat for every page of Rhythm Cup Explorations 2. Each page comes with 4 different tracks tempos for a total of 104 mp3s. More details and samples on the Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Beats page. Here are some samples:








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8 reviews for Rhythm Cup Explorations 2

  1. Lavinia Livingston

    My community college students (ages 19-70) loved this!

    In fact, just last night we used Dotted quarter note/eighth note rhythm drill. It’s funny, I always get weird looks and something like, “Really???? You mean this? We’re going to tap with cups?” when I hand out the cups.

    But then they get with it and see it is more complicated than just clapping hands together rhythmically. Rhythm Cup Explorations is a sure-fire way to clench the physical feelings of various rhythmic patterns with these beginning adult students. They enjoy it as a crazy thing their crazy piano teacher has them do. BUT they have learned their rhythm patterns!

  2. Lisa Hansen

    My college students love this!

  3. Aaron Bloom

    Your Rhythm Cups have become a standout feature in my lessons. I love them, the kids love them, and above all kids even with a struggling sense of Rhythm have dramatically improved with these cups.

  4. Wanda Everett

    I have just finished my first of three 4 day Piano Camps for June. Your rhythm cups were the best! Every student loves them at every level.

  5. chavahfried

    I have a group of kids I play djembe with who thought this was going to be a bust but when I put on some music and started to get into it WOW! It was great fun and they wanted more. I realize that the younger ones really need a lot more basic experience so I’m going to get the Rhythm Menagerie and start at the bottom for them. Wendy’s material is teaching me how to be a teacher!

    Chavah Fried

  6. Diane

    Wonderful resource! Great in private and group lessons. Thanks, Wendy!

  7. Jeanette Bryant

    This is going to be a part of every lesson this year. Learning to hear and read multiple rhythms patterns in a fun way grows rhythm experts. The kids have a great time being active while really learning! Wendy did all of the hard work and so many teachers and students reap the benefits at a very reasonable price!!

  8. Laura Crouse

    I did a Rhythm Cup activity with a bunch of Middle and High Schoolers as a way to bond a new group— and when I polled everyone afterwards, it was a unanimous thumbs-up from two dozen teenagers—even the non-joiners. 🙂

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