Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Rhythm Cups


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Rhythm Cup Explorations™ and audience participation fun are combined with Take Me Out to the Ball Game for an epic performance piece or group lesson!

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This epic arrangement of Take Me Out to the Ball Game is carefully composed with Rhythm Cup Explorations™ choreography to excite your beginning, intermediate, and even late intermediate students about rhythm and performing.

Plus, this is the first ComposeCreate piece that combined cup tapping with audience participation!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Rhythm Cups includes:

This Take Me Out to the Ball Game arrangement includes all of the items listed below. You will get links to each of these resources within seconds of your order being completed:

  • Early to Mid Intermediate piano arrangement
  • Level 1 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • Level 2 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • Level 3 cup tapping routine choreographed for the arrangement
  • Accompaniment tracks at 3 different tempos with the piano (just in case you don’t have a piano handy)
  • Accompaniment tracks at 3 different tempos without the piano
  • You’ll also get access to 3 training videos so that you can use these to help you learn the cup-tapping techniques. You can also use these to help your students learn as well.

What does the studio license mean?

This package comes with a Studio License which licenses you to make as many prints as you need for students that you directly teach for your lifetime of teaching! This means that you can perform this piece multiple times (perhaps with different levels in different years) and never have to purchase the music again.

How can I use Take Me Out to the Ball Game creativity?

The sky’s the limit with what you can do with Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Cup Tapping. You perform it at a recital, for a school program, at a mall to help advertise for lessons…the sky’s the limit!

Note that if any other teachers wish their students to perform it with you, each teacher with students performing will need to purchase their own license of the piece.

Do we need to perform all 3 levels of Take Me Out to the Ball Game at once?

No, please don’t! The individual levels were carefully composed and choreographed to compliment the piano arrangement by themselves. So the intention is that only one level will perform it with the piano, though the piano and accompaniments go with all three levels.

However, if you want to be adventurous, you could certainly try a performance with all 3 (you can see it’s pretty good in the video, even though it was intended that way), BUT you must use a different sized cup for each level. This is important to keep the timbres different so it doesn’t sound like cup tapping cacophony since the rhythms are slightly different.

8 reviews for Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Rhythm Cups

  1. Eugenia

    My students are so excited about the cup routine with Take Me Out to the Ball Game! The Loch Ness Monster pieces are wonderful, too. As for Mob Bop, one little boy said It is the best piece he had ever played. Thank you! Thank you! Your pieces inspire students to learn!

  2. Kim Oien

    We ended our Spring recital with Take Me Out to the Ball Game with rhythm cups and it was a big hit! All the students from my studio participated and we did level 1 and 2 at the same time, on separate tables. Even though we had not done it all together until the day of the recital, we had practiced enough with 2 or 3 kids at a time that when we all got together, with just 2 runthroughs before the performance, it went perfectly! They had so much fun, and loved that I finally allowed them to toss the cups at the end! I have done Wendy’s cup routines at the past 3 recitals and they bring a whole new level of energy and fun each time. I highly recommend all her cup songs!

  3. Wanda Mandigo

    I loved using the cup tapping with Take Me Out to the Ball Game in my group lessons last week. Kids have fun and it’s a great rhythm activity! I’ve used a Christmas one at a December recital and had the audience participate too.

  4. Sherry S

    I used Take Me Out to the Ballgame at our Spring Recital as a fun finale for students, with audience participation. It was a blast to have everyone singing and students performing Level One Rhythms. Students hit the cups away at the end, which brought big smiles to their faces; the audience loved it too. It came together very easily and was a hit!

  5. Rene

    I used this at the end of my spring recital with a few modifications. The students and audience learned a simplified version of level 1 all at the same time and it was a great way to end. I plan on using the actual levels with my students later on.

  6. Nancy Van Kampen

    I wish I had purchased Take Me Out to the Ball Game back in May for my spring recital! I didn’t realize how much fun it is 🙂 But, I purchased it to have something fun and different for my summer piano lessons. I wanted to have a more informal lesson with some added activity. And, this is it! My students are loving working through level 1 to level 2 and finally level 3. I either play with them or when the next student arrives, we all play together. I even invite a parent or two to join us! So, summer lessons are more informal and fun this year 🙂 Thanks, Wendy!

  7. Rebecca Wilkinson

    This (and America the Beautiful) saved the day at summer music camp! Due to another event in the building, my original plans for Wednesday’s session would not work. So at 8pm Tuesday evening, I bounced over to this site and purchased rhythm cup songs. The next afternoon, 24 students ages 9-19 practiced their tapping (and homerun imitations) and performed while I played the piece on the piano. They loved it! Thank you, Wendy.

  8. Mia J Palmer

    We are having so much fun with this!! I have several absolute beginners as well as new-to-me but experienced and late elementaries (ages 6-11, all super-lively boys so far!). The three different levels included have been very useful for helping assess the skills and needs of each student… whilst they are having a blast!!
    Really grateful for the accomp. tracks so I can work with each student on the cups as they build confidence. Having those tracks in 3 different tempos is also a godsend!!
    Highly recommended!
    Brilliant, Wendy!! Thank you!!

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