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America the Beautiful with Rhythm Cups


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Cup-tapping becomes patriotic in this dazzling arrangement of America the Beautiful!

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This epic arrangement of America the Beautiful is carefully composed with cup tapping to excite your your beginning, intermediate, and even late intermediate students about rhythm, performing, and even their country!

America the Beautiful Cup Tapping includes:

This America the Beautiful Cup Tapping Arrangement Package comes with all of these things:

  • Intermediate piano arrangement
  • Level 1 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • Level 2 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • Level 3 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • Orchestration tracks at 3 different tempos with the piano (just in case you don’t have a piano handy)
  • Orchestration tracks at 3 different tempos without the piano
  • You’ll also get access to 3 training videos so that you can use these to help you OR your students learn the cup tapping techniques!

Plus, this package comes with a Studio License that allows you to make as many prints as you need for students that you teach for your lifetime of teaching! So this year, you could do Level 1, next year you could do Level 3, and then a few years down the road you could do Level 2. Or you could do it for a summer recital, for a school program, at a mall to help advertise for lessons…the sky’s the limit!

Do we need to perform all 3 levels of America the Beautiful at once?

No, please don’t! The individual levels were created to carefully enhance the piano arrangement, so they should be attempted as individual performances with the piano and orchestration. However, if you want to be adventurous, you could certainly try a performance with all 3 (you can see it’s pretty good in the video, even though it was intended that way), BUT you must use a different sized cup for each level. This is important to keep the timbres different so it doesn’t sound like cup tapping cacophony since the rhythms are slightly different.

6 reviews for America the Beautiful with Rhythm Cups

  1. Veda Journagen

    This was a huge success.  So much laughter!! The kids were delighted by their success and especially loved the ending throwing the cups in the air, accompanied by much laughter!

  2. Nancy Rath

    my students and I are loving “America the Beautiful”!!! Everybody’s saluting and exploding fireworks all over the studio with lots of grins and giggles.

  3. Janette Rupert

    I introduced this to most of my students this week, and they absolutely loved it!!  There were a few that came to their lesson looking like they would rather be doing something else, and this really livened up the lesson and brought smiles to their faces!   The orchestral accompaniment is great, and adds so much!

  4. Kendra Beagles

    I am so thankful for your talent in composition and sharing your creative music with piano teachers such as myself! My studio is benefiting in so many ways from your gift. I love the many creative choices you offer (something for every student no matter their level) and you make me look good too.☺ After learning (and usually memorizing) their pieces, my students are so proud of how they sound that they aren’t nearly as hesitant as before to play them for family and friends. Recitals are more exciting, because each semester my students learn one of your rhythm cup pieces to share as a group. For May, we are preparing America the Beautiful and what a great way to foster love and respect for our country! I love the ‘salute’ you included in the piece.

    My students are getting together for rhythm cup practices starting this month (recital is mid May), and at the end of each practice, these students share a favorite piece of theirs with the group. This is such great prep for playing in front of an audience and also fosters enthusiastic and positive peer pressure.

  5. Elaine Graybeal

    I had my Spring Recital for my small studio last night. The grand finale was America the Beautiful featuring all six of my students. The four older girls played the piano arrangement, each taking about one fourth. The choreography of smoothly switching players took quite a bit of practice, but went well! The two younger players and I did rhythm cups. Everyone loved it.

  6. Rebecca Wilkinson

    This (and Take Me Out to the Ballgame) saved the day at summer music camp! Due to another event in the building, my original plans for Wednesday’s session would not work. So at 8pm Tuesday evening, I bounced over to this site and purchased rhythm cup songs. The next afternoon, 24 students ages 9-19 practiced their tapping (and fireworks imitations) and performed while I played the piece on the piano. They loved it! Thank you, Wendy.

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