How Do I Incorporate Teaching Piano by Rote with My Current Method?

How do I incorporate teaching piano by rote with my current piano method? |

Teaching piano by rote is becoming more popular. But there are lots of questions about it lately. Last week, we heard Dr. Julie Knerr and Katherine Fisher answer the question, “Won’t Rote Teaching Keep Students from Learning to Read?”

This week, I asked Julie and Katherine another question that directly applies to those of us who use other methods but think it might be beneficial to incorporating teaching piano by Rote to these current methods.

I have already started students in another piano method. Do you think it would be helpful to assign some of the Piano Safari Rote Pieces along with this other method? How would I do that?

Yes, absolutely! Rote pieces do not require prior knowledge of theory or reading and will complement any piano method. Combining Rote pieces with a reading method allows students to gain all the benefits that come from studying Rote Pieces while also developing their reading skills.

Teaching Piano by Rote Using the Piano Safari Method

The Piano Safari Technical Exercises and Rote Pieces Book, with its companion CD, was designed for just this purpose. It contains the Rote pieces from Piano Safari Repertoire Books 1 and 2 along with the Animal Technique Exercises from Repertoire Book 1. The pieces and techniques in this book can be assigned at the teacher’s discretion throughout the first several levels of any standard method. During the very first lessons, students can learn motivating pieces like “Charlie Chipmunk,” “Hungry Herbie Hippo,” and “I Love Coffee.” Gradually the pieces progress in difficulty to the late elementary level, such as “Flamingo Dancers” and “Stormy Seas.” These pieces may be assigned to transfer students in their second or even third year of piano study.

You might also be interested in seeing other frequently asked questions about the Piano Safari Method and teaching piano by Rote in general. See our Piano Safari FAQs to learn more.

What other questions come to your mind when you think of teaching piano by Rote?

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