The Bold Escape

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The Bold Escape is an easy musical adventure that makes your beginning students sound more advanced than they are!


The Bold Escape will make your beginning students sound as big and mature as your other students.  This huge sounding piece makes them sound advanced. Inspired by a kid’s suspenseful adventure book called, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, this piece uses all of the piano (in patterns that can be taught by rote), one easy pedal, and C position.

Your beginning students won’t believe how amazing they can sound with this piece! And you’ll feel great about how comfortable they become moving around the piano

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18 reviews for The Bold Escape

  1. Beth Parks

    I had several students learn The Bold Escape last year and they all loved it! One played it at a school talent show and it was played at every recital. It is a sure hit, and easy enough for all beginners.

  2. Lisa

    “The Bold Escape” has engaged so many different students in my studio: they love it! It’s helped perk up beginners, transfer students, student struggling in not reading, intervallic students, and advancing students who just needed an easy sight-reading piece or a bit of fun added to their week.

  3. Melissa Willis

    The Bold Escape has my beginners feeling like they are concert pianists. What a genius piece of music!

  4. Jeananne

    I am using The Bold Escape, Amazing Grace, and Royal Invitation with my beginning college students! Mostly young men, and they LOVE them.

  5. Joy

    I had two recitals this spring and at each one a student played The Bold Escape. They were so happy. They played something impressive but easy enough they could do it. It was perfect for my 12 year old boy who had had lessons for only a few months.

  6. John

    This is a go-to piece for beginners. Yesterday I demonstrated it for a student, and his response was “AWE-some!” The Bold Escape generates that kind of excitement. And it’s great for recitals!

  7. Karen Hesterly

    I used this so a senior high teen could be placed in my recital toward the end with my more advanced students and sound good because she was playing all over the piano. It worked and was very impressive!

  8. Susan Toadvine

    My 7-year old grandson is learning this piece. This past week after he had mastered two of the lines he jumped up, squeezed me and said, “I love taking piano from you!” Wendy’s music is inspired!

  9. Heather Baldwin

    I purchased The Making of a Star and The Bold Escape not long ago, looking for some powerful new pieces for my beginners. I gave The Making of a Star to a 10-year-old boy who has only been playing for about three months. I taught him the interval movements by rote and he learned most of the rest by reading. Wow, does he LOVE playing that piece! He not only performed it (brilliantly!) in my recital over the weekend, but he was chosen to play a solo in his school after auditioning on it. No one can believe he has only been playing for three months when they hear him play “Star.” He is so proud and confident when he plays it.

    The parents have thanked me about a hundred times for making him so excited about piano and I know it’s in large part due to your compositions so I figured I’d better pass on the thanks. 🙂 I appreciate what you do, especially for beginning students who want to play pieces that don’t make them sound like beginners!

  10. Emily Laney

    Your compositions have been so well-received in my studio this fall. I started two 6th graders as beginners and they loved The Bold Escape and Savannah Stalk (actually had people rather arguing over who could play it at recital!) and the lovely View from a Canoe.

  11. Susan

    A grand beginning on a grand instrument!

  12. Renee McKee

    The Bold Escape and A Royal invitation have inspired my beginners who want to PLAY BIG on the piano. You really understand the hybrid magic of patterned rote and solid reading, Wendy! Thank you for providing these great pieces for our students!

    Also, I love your purchase-licensing model. What an incentive to buy your music! The way you handle your customers is beautiful and caring.

  13. Mary Majerus

    The Bold Escape and Distant Blue are pieces that have helped students learn to create great tone quality by dropping boldly into forte notes or gently into those mysterious passages. They love being more musical!!

  14. Minnie Lafargue

    My students loved the big sound of this piece! It made them feel like a seasoned
    Easy to teach….
    Easy to learn!

  15. Lori Jessen

    I love this piece and so do my students! I’ve used it as the choice piece for Federation Festival and the judges enjoyed it very much. I’ve also used it with an adult student who said, “This gives me goosebumps!” after playing it. You just can’t go wrong with this music. Thanks, Wendy!

  16. Sara

    My students are loving this piece! One of them is playing it an a senior citizens’ center for our July program with a patriotic theme. I told my student I could picture Washington crossing the Delaware as she played, and she got even more into it. 🙂 Great, great piece for all kinds of students!

  17. Barbara finlay

    I bought Bold Escape and Savannah Stalk and am using them for two students’ recital pieces. They are both beginners a d they love the pieces, as do their parents. A great way to get student’s excited about practice!

  18. Wendy

    I started this with a 6 year old a few weeks ago. I wasn’t really sure he even liked piano, but he came to his lesson last week eager to learn the second page. His mom mentioned that anywhere they go, if there is a piano, he will sit down and play what he knows of The Bold Escape so far. So happy to have found a piece that grabs my student’s attention and makes practicing fun!

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