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Recital Certificates

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This modern recital certificate template will appeal to all ages. All text and the boxes that hold the text can be adjusted to create whatever award certificate you need!

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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This 2018 Recital Certificate Template Package is designed in a modern way to appeal to all ages of students. In a world in which certificates are often boring and overused, this design will “pop” as you hand it to your students. This package also gives you the flexibility you need to create any kind of music certificate you’d like to award your students. This template package can be used for:

  • Recital Certificates – Give them to all your students
  • Certificate of Excellence – To commend those who have demonstrated excellence
  • Commendation Awards – For specific students
  • Participation Awards
  • Achievement Awards during the year – Perhaps a supplement to the 40 piece challenge!

What all can be edited with these Recital Certificate Templates?

We have made these certificates as flexible as you’ll need to make any kind of certificate you want. The following can be edited:

If using the PDF file: 

  • All text can be edited!

If using the Word (.docx file for Word users) or Pages (.pages file for Mac users): 

  • All text can be edited! We recommend that you stick with the Helvetica font or use a modern san serif font.
  • All text sizes can be edited.
  • The size of the white boxes can be changed.
  • Any part of the white box (like border, size, opacity) can be changed as long as you know how to change those within the program.
  • Your logo can be inserted.
  • Delete or add more white boxes if needed.

Can I insert my logo?

We have kept the certificates free of the ComposeCreate logo so that you can insert your own. If you wish to insert your logo, you’ll need to use the Word files or the Pages files. The PDF file will not allow you to insert a logo.

What is included in the Recital Certificate Templates?

We have included 6 files. Instructions on how to edit each one are included on the first page of each file:

  1. A vertical file with both the color and black and white certificate (Word file: .docx for PC users)
  2. A horizontal file with both the color and black and white certificate(Pages file: .pages for Mac users)
  3. A vertical file with both the color and black and white certificate(Word file: .docx for PC users)
  4. A horizontal file with both the color and black and white certificate (Pages file: .pages for Mac users)
  5. A vertical file with both the color and black and white certificate(Word file: .docx for PC users)
  6. A horizontal file with both the color and black and white certificate (Pages file: .pages for Mac users)

How do I make a LOT of these for all my students?

We recommend that you use the .pages or the .docx files if you wish to make a big document with all your students individual names in it. We have included step-by-step instructions on how to create one big document with all your students and their individual recital certificates at the beginning of the .pages and the .docs files.

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14 reviews for Recital Certificates

  1. Nancy Hall

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This is EXACTLY what I needed! I am not very tech savvy, but I did it! YAY! My certificates are printed for the recital. I am using the certificate for my Outstanding Musician Award and there is room to list all of the categories which students can excel in. I’ve been using ribbons for each category and was determined to have a nice certificate to use instead of ribbons, which have become expensive and take a lot of time to write the information on each one. Now I have a beautiful certificate to give instead, along with their trophy!

  2. Vicky

    The recital certificate template was very easy to use. I had beautiful certificates completed in about 5 minutes. I used resume-quality paper & printed them at home. Thanks for providing just what I needed!

  3. Helen Haynes

    Thank you, Wendy! These certificates turned out BEAUTIFUL! My old ones were very stuffy. These look GREAT! I did not like the horizontal ones, because you really had to look to see that the design was a treble clef. It comes out much better in the vertical design. Very colorful.

  4. Thomas C. Majerus

    I know nothing about music, but I do know how to help Mary, my wife, with all the logistics of running her studio–especially as the teaching year begins to wind down, but not necessarily end. These certificate templates are very easy to use. They look really great and will be displayed and students fortunate enough to receive them from her will not put them in a drawer or file. I appreciate their being available.

  5. May Lauren Brinkman

    “I need a way to recognize the achievements of my teenage male students at the spring recital,” I thought earlier this term. The very next day, Wendy announced the release of these certificates. Perfect! These certificates look professional and appeal to all age groups. I love being able to edit the text and place my logo on the certificates. My husband is very happy that he doesn’t have to help me design something! This was quick and easy and the results look great!

    I did have trouble with the MS Word files. I could not edit the text at all! I have Office 365 for Mac; my computer is a 2017 MacBook Pro running High Sierra. High Sierra is problematic, so for all I know it’s my computer’s fault. But everything worked perfectly in Pages! I appreciate having 3 separate file types. Thank you Wendy!

  6. Teresa M Hermiz

    Love the design as did the students!

  7. Barbara

    My students were so impressed by the recital certificates I handed out Las week. They were especially thrilled in seeing their names typed in and thought it was very professional looking! Thanks, Wendy!

  8. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Mary! I’m so glad that this was just what you needed! Thank you so much for your review.

    Yes, if you are using a Mac, definitely use Page. Word functions differently for different things when you run it on a Mac, so the best bet is to always use the Pages file as you did when working with a Mac. I’m so glad that it worked so well for you with that program!

  9. Renee McKee

    I have been teaching private piano for 42 years, but this is the first year I have given out any certificates. Wendy’s beautiful, colorful, edit-friendly certificates were perfect for my “Most Pieces Passed” awards at 6 different levels. I found inexpensive frames at Michaels and presented them framed to some pretty happy, proud kids following our two spring recitals in April. This new tradition has kicked off a practicing frenzy in my studio!

  10. Jeanette

    A perfect, pretty colorful, certificate. I had them professionally printed and my students were all smiles when I handed them out at the recital.
    And my husband was grateful….relieved…..pleased….. that I didn’t have to ‘supervise ‘ him at the computer for the creation of a new certificate this year. So easy!

  11. Alyssa

    I love these certificates! They were very easy to use, and I love the creative design. It’s very different from anything else out there.

  12. Patricia Cannon

    The certificate was easy to customize. I liked that there were lots of options. Convenient to get online. Thanks!!

  13. Kimberly Wright

    These were lovely. I printed 30 certificates on card stock. So nice and convenient. Saved me so much time!

  14. Alison Moodie

    My students LOVED receiving these certificates at this Spring’s Recital! I particularly liked the colourful and professional looking design of the Kaleidoscope certificates and found them very easy to customize. Thanks again for always providing us with new, creative and wonderful ways of keeping our studios fun and “fresh”!

  15. Frida N

    Love and so grateful for your lovely ideas. You’re so brilliant.

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