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Music This or That – Music Icebreaker Game


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Music This or That is a must for any classroom or private teacher. Get “inside the heads” of your students in order to teach more effectively. Music This or That is tons of fun, a great way to get to know your students and a great icebreaker for groups! See details below.

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Music This or That is a great way to get “inside the heads” of your students in order to teach more effectively. Why should you care about getting inside the heads of your students? This game is excellent because:

  • It’s a great ice breaker.
    Students find themselves sharing and chatting about these questions as they group themselves.
  • It establishes camaraderie.
    Students quickly find themselves connecting with students of similar opinions.
  • It reveals interesting thoughts you can use to connect with your students.
    The more you know about your students, the more creative you can be in teaching.
  • Music This or That validates children’s opinions.
    What kids think about music is important too!

How to assemble Music This or That

All you need to do is print the cards out on cardstock and then cut them along the grey lines. You don’t need any more materials that that!

How to play Music This or That

Ask one of the “Would you rather” questions to your students. If in a group, point one way to direct students who answer THIS way to go to the right and THAT way to go to the left. For example, when you ask the question:

Would you rather be the first or the last person to play at a recital?

Point to the right when you say “first” and point to the left when you say “last” so that students can then hurry to the location that shows their preferred answer!

2 reviews for Music This or That – Music Icebreaker Game

  1. Christy Kimball

    This game is a necessity for your studio. It is useful in so many ways: group lessons, private lessons, even get-togethers with friends. It is good for kids finding out who else likes what they do. But even more, it can be used for review of what has been taught. It can even be used to change up your lesson pattern: if you always start with scales, have the student pick a card and start with something else. It can be used for improvisation, piano story telling, and so much else. For those students who tend to be a little more shy in group situations, it is a great way to get them participating and talking. I have never regretted getting this game for my studio.

  2. Melody Harrison

    I was a little disappointed in this game. For the cost I would have liked many more questions. I feel it wasn’t a very good value for the number of questions in the game. Also, I don’t care for several of the questions and have taken them out which makes the value even less. I have purchased other resources here that I’ve been really happy with but this one just feel a little short for me. More questions, and adding some color and graphics to the cards would make me feel like the $8 was worth it.

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