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Stinky Sox – A Musical Hot Potato Game


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Stinky Sox is a fun hot potato music game for beginning, elementary, and early intermediate students and helps teach and review scales, note names, music theory, listening and singing skills, musical terms, and much more!

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Stinky Sox is a fast-paced, musical hot potato game that will help teach and review:

  • Music theory
  • Ear training
  • Keyboard knowledge
  • Musical terms
  • Melody singing

How to assemble Stinky Sox:

After purchasing, you will receive an email to download your Stinky Sox game cards. Simply print these on card stock. To help keep the levels separate, print the elementary cards on one color and the early intermediate cards on another color. To keep cards lasting longer, laminate them.

What you need to play Stinky Sox:

  • Stinky Sox cards
  • Card stock paper
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Music (play anything or simply use an iPod to play music while they pass the sock)
  • A dirty looking sock

How to play Stinky Sox:

To play, place the Stinky Sox cards in an old, dirty looking sock. Students sit in a circle and pass around sock while listening to music. When the music stops playing, the student with the stinky sock pulls out a card and follows the instructions. Great fun and an excellent way to expose students to new music!

Piano students and music students LOVE Stinky Sox! | composecreate.com

2 reviews for Stinky Sox – A Musical Hot Potato Game

  1. Sundy DeGooyer

    My students loved playing this game… I think the “Sticky Socks” title made it even more fun! We’ve played it this week… and are looking forward to playing it again next week. I predict lots of asking to play this game in the future.

  2. Joan Witte

    I used this during two of my group classes, and the students had a blast! I like that there are two different levels of difficulty, so the game can be played by multiple levels of students. I even found that the beats for My First Rhythm Cup Explorations make great background music for this game! The tracks are short, and the music is fun and upbeat, so it worked perfectly for passing the sock around. I think the students had as much fun grooving to the music as they did playing the game!

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