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Penguin Music Note Match


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Use Penguin Note Name Match to help students identify note names on the staff and keyboard. There are many variations you can play. See more details below!

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What student doesn’t like penguins? This little guy and gal penguins are a fun way to learn the names of music notes.

How to assemble Penguin Music Note Match

Once you purchase, assembly is easy!

  1. Print the Penguin Music Note Match file on card stock
  2. Cut the cards on the dotted lines and play the music game with your students.
  3. For best results, laminate your cards.

How to play Penguin Music Note Match

To play Penguin Music Note Match, simply ask students to match the note name with the corresponding staff picture. Be sure to only give your student the notes that they know. Plus, remember that smaller quantities of matching cards are more fun for younger students.

Once the student has correctly matched all the Penguin Music Note Match cards, you can use a stopwatch to time them. Challenge the student to beat their time the next time they play.

More resources

For more fun, purchase 2 sets of these penguins at Amazon.  Then choose 7 Penguin Music Note Match cards and place one penguin (of different colors) on each card. Ask students to place a penguin of the same color on the correct key.

Penguins to use with the Penguin Music Note Match flashcards and matching cards from ComposeCreate.com

1 review for Penguin Music Note Match

  1. Carol Bakker

    Great! Ordered penguins & laminated the flash cards. Students and I are enjoying the activity. We are finding so many ways to use w/keyboard and without! Thank you, Wendy.

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