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Students will love learning the names of the notes on the staff and the white keys with these Soccer Music Flashcards! Plus, these are specifically designed to stand up between the white keys of the piano so that students can not only know the name of the note, but its location too!

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Soccer Music Flashcards will help your students learn their note names and the location and name of the white keys in a fun way. There are lots of uses for these Soccer Music Flashcards!

Games and ways to use Soccer Music Flashcards:

Stand up soccer flashcards:

We have designed these flashcards in such a way that they can stand up in the piano keyboard, making it easier to ensure that students not only know the name of a note, but also its exact location on the keyboard.

  1. Give the student a set of cards you want to review. You can use the letter names to help practice white key note naming or the pictures of notes to practice identification.
  2. Ask them to insert the correct note to the right of the correct white key.
  3. Time your student and challenge them to beat their time.

Matching game:

Practice matching the keyboard note to the letter name.

  1. Choose which pairs you want your students to practice.
  2. Mix up the pairs and ask the students to match them.
  3. Time the student and challenge them to beat their time.

Dribble and Drive race (white key letter name practice):

Dribble and Drive - Soccer Music Flashcards from ComposeCreate.comFind two or more fun sports erasers like soccer balls like these or these* and see which arrives at the top or the bottom of the keyboard first.

  1. Mix up the flashcards with the letter names.
  2. Place erasers/markers (or use some other kind of prop) on the top of the keyboard.
  3. Take turns drawing from the pile and move to the next nearest corresponding key until someone reaches the top or bottom of the keyboard first.


See who can name the note or play it first.

  1. Divide students into two teams and have them stand in a line behind a table.
  2. Place a call bell on the table and instruct students to stand with their hands behind their backs.
  3. Show the front two students a card.
  4. When they know the answer, they can ring the bell and say it immediately OR they can race to the piano to play the correct note.
  5. Students who answer correctly get to keep their card. The student with the most cards wins.

Penalty kick:

My kiddos came up with this one as they were playing with the Soccer Music Flashcards and it’s really fun!

You will need:

  • Mini soccer ball erasers
  • An erasable music staff – free here (optional – if you are only drilling white keys, you do not need this)
  • 4 pieces of card stock paper
  1. Fold the card stock paper in half lengthwise and then place it between your keys and the outer edge of your piano. This will keep the ball from rolling off the piano.
  2. Ask the student to stand at one end of the piano and flick the soccer ball across the keys.
  3. When the ball lands on a note (or between two notes), the student either draws the note on the staff or names the note (if you are drilling white keys).

Here’s the game in action:

Sports Music Flashcards - Sports music flashcards

How to print and prepare Soccer Music Flashcards

After purchasing, you will receive an email to download your Soccer Music Flashcards. After downloading, all you need to do is:

  1. Open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print on white card stock.
  3. Laminate
  4. Cut. There are faint grey lines to indicate where to cut, but you only need to cut them out as squares!
  5. Cut  straight across the middle of the cupcake to separate the top from the bottom.

*These are Amazon affiliate links which just means I get a tiny bit of the money if you purchase it through this link. However, you don’t pay any more than you normally would.

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  1. Maureen Quinn

    I have a young student who is an avid footballer.
    I thought of him when I saw these and he loves them .
    Great quality

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