Happy, Happy Birthday

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Happy, Happy Birthday’s toe tappin’ energy will make your students want to dance, bop their head, and sing spontaneously in their week!

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Tired of the old birthday tune that can seem slow, draggy, and not terribly festive? This new Happy, Happy Birthday tune will make your students want to dance, bop their head, and burst out singing this song spontaneously in their week! It’s a new tune, a new look, a new birthday energy for the 21st Century!

A birthday present for the eyes too!

Happy, Happy Birthday is a treat for the ears AND the eyes! Say goodbye to boring black and white music and say hello to color and beauty while you play. Artwork by Dominic Flask and music by Wendy Stevens will bring a smile to your student’s face whether it’s their birthday or not.

Happy, Happy Birthday makes beginners sound more advanced

This easy to play piece makes even beginning students sound amazing! Open fifths in the right hand coupled with an easy left hand note will make your students sound more advanced. It’s just the kind of piece young students need to make them feel confident and accomplished.

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7 reviews for Happy, Happy Birthday

  1. Kristi

    Your Happy, Happy Birthday has replaced the traditional birthday song for one of my families. They’ll grow up singing yours forever!

  2. Brooke

    I just have to say that your Happy Happy Birthday song has been a total success among my students! They are so proud of themselves that they can play a special birthday song for the other members of their family on their birthday.

  3. Sally

    The first one I handed out was a hit! I bought another two.

  4. Becky

    I love your new Happy Happy Birthday Piece! It printed out great!

  5. Christy

    I had 3 students learning this at the same time. They all adored it! Two of them had back-to-back lessons and had played it for each other. So when it came to recital time, all 3 wanted to play it. I could not justify having it played 3 times in the same recital so they all 3 played it! They decided what parts they would play. So they ended up adding choreography to it. They all sang it together. We set the bench (a duo bench) so that the right end of it was where they had to play. Then each student moved the previous one down the bench as they sat down to play. At the end, they played the last chord from where they were seated. It was so much fun – their parents were proud of them.


  6. srampton1

    My student had so much fun learning the Happy Birthday song! And it just so happened that the lesson in which he finished the song, was his mother’s birthday. He was so excited to play it for her when she picked him up, and she was one proud mommy!

  7. Lynda Smith

    I had a “significant” birthday over the Easter break – so asked each of my students (who were at the appropriate level) to learn “Happy, Happy Birthday” for me on their own. They were pleased to play it for me when they returned from the holiday. Very accessible to them – and sounds great.

  8. Wendy Stevens

    I hope you had a wonderful “significant” birthday, Lynda! Thanks so much for the review!

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