Yee-haw! Audience Participation Piece

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Recitals will never be the same in your studio with this audience-involving Yee-Haw piece, an NFMC Choice elementary solo!


Thrill your piano students AND their audience with Yee-Haw, a new, elementary, audience participation piece!

Yee-Haw is an audience participation piece!

Invite your audience to make music with the piano student by clapping a simple rhythm. Your recital will quickly become the talk of the town. Included in your purchase are FREE audience clapping tracks at 3 different tempos for your student to practice with and perfect.

Recitals will never be the same in your studio!

Yee-Haw was chosen for the 2016-2020 NFMC list

Yes, that’s right. Yee-Haw is a distinguished member of the current NFMC list and it can only be purchased on!

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7 reviews for Yee-haw! Audience Participation Piece

  1. Karen Hesterly

    I just used this at my Western Recital and it was a hit. My advanced high school students told me they enjoyed listening to Yee-Haw! the most of all the pieces. Yee-Haw! will add some fun to your next recital so get it and try it out.

  2. Laurie Sorman

    I wanted to let you know that my piano recital was Saturday and I decided to put Yee Haw as the Grand Finale. It was a big hit! My student enjoyed it so much, that he and his mom are already thinking of having him perform it at his school talent show next year!

  3. Kay Kidd

    My student can’t wait to play this for his class at school. Fun for the student AND the audience!

  4. Sundy DeGooyer

    I’m teaching a young man who wants to be a cowboy when he grows up… This song was perfect for him! It’s his “style” and also right in his level. It sounds cool, without being too difficult! Yahoo!

  5. Melissa W

    This piece is fun to teach! My student really enjoyed discovering the form this piece follows–it’s not the typical A-B-A form so many pieces on this level use. It’s bouncy feel makes doing staccato extra fun. I think this will be a regular in my studio and I love that I could get a studio license!

  6. Sherryl

    My students are really having fun with the pieces I’ve downloaded from your website (including Yee-Haw). I give you 5 stars! Thank you for all your fun creativity!

  7. Pam Thieme

    My student loves this and is planning on playing it for recital but is having trouble with the clapping added. I purchased the sheet music but don’t know how to access the clapping track. I am not very high tech so maybe you can tell me how to download it. Thank you, Pam

  8. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Pam,

    Sure thing! I’m happy to help. In your sheet music, there is a place that gives you the URL where you can download the clapping tracks. (Email me if you can’t find it and I’ll send you a private link for it.)

    1. Go to that webpage.
    2. Click on the button and enter your name and email. Then click the “send them to me now” button to get it sent to you.
    3. Check your email! You’ll see an email that has a button in it. (If you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder.)
    4. Click the button in the email and it will download directly to your computer.
    5. Go to the Downloads Folder on your computer and you will see a zip file there.
    6. Double click the zip file and it will extract a folder by the same name.
    7. Open the extracted folder and you will see your mp3 music files. You can attach these to an email and send them to your student.

    I hope that helps! I tried to be very specific with the steps, so please email me if you have other questions. I’m happy to help!

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