Mob Bop – The audience participates!

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Mob Bop involves your audience in the piece to make lasting, fantastic memories for everyone!


“Mob Bop” is going to bring some excitement to your recital by involving the audience! Do you remember how much fun it is to attend a sporting event where the audience suddenly stomps their feet twice and then claps? (Think “We will, we will, rock you!”) Well, how about the same kind of excitement at a piano recital?

How can you use Mob Bop?

This exciting piece can be performed in any of these outrageously fun ways:

  • As a solo plus the mp3 clapping accompaniment (Get 3 free mp3s with purchase)
  • As a solo with some or all of your students clapping
  • As a solo with the audience tapping and clapping
  • As a monster concert!

Your studio can be one of the piano studios that has a reputation for making recitals fun!

What comes with a Mob Bop purchase?

With your purchase of the studio license, you get:

  • The music
  • The cover
  • Free mp3 clapping tracks at 3 different tempos

If you purchase the sheet music, you can also download the free clapping tracks. Instructions on where to do this are located in the music.

Marie Harris turned Mob Bop into a Monster Concert at the Mall!

This piece is so fun that when Marie Harris told her students that they were going to perform Mob Bop at the mall, ALL of her students wanted to play it! So she turned the piece into a multi-keyboard piece, having some students play the RH and some students play the LH. See the electricity in this amazing performance of Mob Bop:

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12 reviews for Mob Bop – The audience participates!

  1. Shelley Brown McKone

    Mob Bop was a hit tonight at the recital! Thank you!

  2. Brenda Rohrich

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mob Bop. Everyone was stomping and clapping. Parents and students alike had a great time!!!

  3. Dorla Aparicio

    This was a perfect ending for our recital! Your compositions are so addictive!

  4. Laura Lowe

    This was the perfect piece for a student of mine who needed a little “rock star status!”

  5. Anita Kohli

    Drastic Measures and Mop Bop were a hit with my student…the audience loved both pieces and clapped to mop bop very enthusiastically. Love your music!

  6. Linda K

    My kids are absolutely loving Mob Bop! I’ve not seen my students so motivated for a while. 🙂

  7. Lynne

    I’m using Mob Bop with an 8 yr old boy who didn’t practice from one week to the next and he just loves this piece! I needn’t ask how much practice he has done as I can hear. Thank you

  8. Sundy DeGooyer

    The young man I purchased this piece for is SUPER excited to play it for our upcoming recital! I’m excited too! It really rocks! And we are discussing the importance of steady beat too… great piece of music!

  9. Tracy Jensen

    We used Mob Bop at our end of year piano recital. Students, parents and the entire audience participated. Catchy and upbeat, yet simple enough for everyone to participate, it was super fun and everyone loved it!

  10. Janet

    Students are loving the music! I love the sound tracks you put with it. Awesome!

  11. Eugenia

    My students are so excited about the cup routine with Take Me Out to the Ball Game! The Loch Ness Monster pieces are wonderful, too. As for Mob Bop, one little boy said It is the best piece he had ever played. Thank you! Thank you! Your pieces inspire students to learn!

  12. Katie Spjut

    Monday I had my 9 year old student who had played Mob Bop at our recital early this year sit down for his lesson and start playing Mob Bop 2 months later still totally memorized with a smile on his face. The confidence of being able to play with the audience (human metronome) was really empowering to him.

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