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This bundle of audience participation piano pieces is going to liven’ up any of your recitals or musical get togethers!



Studio Use License – Both pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle of audience participation piano pieces is going to make any recital tons more fun for the audience! These two pieces, Guy Eye and Mob Bop, are going to wow everyone!

Why use audience participation piano pieces?

When you include the audience in the music-making experience, you get:

  • A more attentive and engaged audience
  • Everyone making music together which = fun!
  • A memorable recital
  • Great comments from parents
  • Above all, you’ll get an amazing reputation for being a creative teacher who connects well with kids and adults!

Many teachers have reported that after a recital with these pieces, they hear things like, “that was the best recital ever!”

How can you use audience participation pieces?

Both of these audience participation pieces can be performed in any of these fun ways:

  • As a solo plus the mp3 clapping accompaniment (You get 3 free mp3s with purchase)
  • As a solo with some or all of your students clapping
  • As a solo with the audience tapping and clapping
  • For a monster concert!

In addition, because these are studio licensed, you’ll be able to use them over and over without making another purchase!

What comes with your audience participation bundle purchase?

This bundle includes the studio license of both pieces. This includes:

  • The PDF music
  • The covers (always included)
  • Free mp3 clapping tracks at 3 different tempos (and for this package, you are licensed to send these to your students so they can practice at home too)
  • Directions on how to introduce either piece

What is a Studio License?

This bundle of audience participation pieces is only available as a studio license which means that you only have to purchase it one time, and you are then licensed to print as many prints as you need for yourself or any student you directly teach! In other words, it’s like getting an unlimited supply of both pieces since you never have to pay for them again, plus there is no shipping. You get the PDF and bonus mp3s in your email within minutes of your purchase.

Then, you can use one or two pieces this year, wait a few years and use them again without ever having to purchase them again!

Want more Audience Participation Piano Pieces?

These audience participation are all the rage in piano teaching and are being used in recitals around the world! If you’d like other audience participation pieces, please check these out:

9 reviews for Bundle: Guy Eye + Mob Bop

  1. Natalie Whittington

    I’m super excited to try these pieces in our Spring Recital. My 2 students have just begun learning, but I did intentionally choose 2 students who are naturally gifted in rhythm and who do not flinch when there are other distractions during their playing. I think this will help the performance of the pieces be very successful! Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your creativity.

  2. Mary Ann Medlin

    Very anxious to use Guy Eye and Mob Bop at our “For the Love of Music” recital! We are holding the recital at a beautiful assisted living facility, and I’m quite sure this will be so much fun for the residents as well as family and friends. I plan on using Mob Bop for the “opening” of the recital to get everyone energized, then Guy Eye for the “finale”. Thanks so much for these fun audience participation pieces!

  3. Pamela Nissen

    These look like so much fun for the students and I plan to use Mob Bop this spring recital with one of my elementary students! Thank you for your work to provide stimulating music even for the elementary students!

  4. Pamela Nissen

    These look like so much fun for the students and I plan to use Mob Bop this spring recital with one of my elementary students! Thank you for your work to provide stimulating music even for the elementary students!

  5. Judith Siegel

    What a great idea! I plan to use both of these adorable pieces on our Spring Recital in May! Wendy, you always come up with something that really captures attention – both the students and the parents will love these two! (And so do I!) Keep doing what you do!
    Judith Siegel

  6. Andi Michelson

    I am planning for my annual studio recital this year to be entirely collaborative. Usually this takes the form of duets, trios or 2 pianos/8 hands pieces…but when I saw these two pieces, I thought how fun it would be to have the audience participate, too!

    I love that Guy Eye and Mob Bop are at two different levels, so I can have both an elementary and an intermediate student play with the audience.

    Normally I am intimidated by purchasing things online and trying to get them to print, but this was easy! Thank you for a great process.

  7. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Andi,

    I’m so glad that you found the ordering process easy and that you are excited about these pieces. Thanks so much for leaving feedback! I really appreciate it. I hope your students and your audience have a wonderful time making music together at the recital!

  8. Nyla Clare

    I am using Mob Bop as a 10 student ensemble in my Spring Recital! I divided up the song in approximately 8 measure sections. With a couple students leading the audience and one of my older advanced students playing the entire song on one piano the rest of the students each step up to the other piano and play their section. Some playing RH parts and some LH. Then all play the last two measures! We’ll use the rhythm track at the recital along with the audience. The students are having so much fun each playing their part and I’m confident it will be a big hit at the recital! Love your work Wendy!

  9. Kylie Stacey

    I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching both of these fun pieces to my students. The students love them too!

  10. Anne Kavanagh

    Two students, played these brilliant pieces,Mob Bop and Guy Eye at our end of year recital in May.I am always looking for something different so I assigned Mob Bop to a youngster in lieu of doing an exam. I knew it would be a great incentive for her to practice.It really encouraged her to keep the pulse steady, to keep going whatever and not to be distracted by external pressures! The audience thought it was class, they werent bad either !! Thank you Wendy!

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