Loch Ness Quest

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Loch Ness Quest is a dramatic story in music for intermediate piano students – teens especially love it!


As he cowered in the small boat, the mysterious creature’s head rose from the lake, waves of water falling from its scaly neck! No one in the boat with the boy could say whether this was the end or just the exciting beginning to their dangerous quest….

And so begins the Loch Ness Quest, a dramatic, intermediate piano piece for piano students. Loch Ness Quest is the newest of the “dangerous piano pieces” that have mysteriously come out of the ComposeCreate library. [Ask the composer about this one. She doesn’t really set out to create dangerous sounding pieces. They just seem to happen!] Each of these pieces: Loch Ness Quest, Chased to the Edge, and Drastic Measures is perfect for any age of student,  but especially for pre-teen and teenage students who love dramatic music or need music for a talent show!

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5 reviews for Loch Ness Quest

  1. Susan

    Very amusing to tell a story while swimming around the keys. 4*s because of the page turn involved.

  2. Melissa Toedtman

    My intermediate students are enjoying “Loch Ness Quest”, ” Meanwhile”, ” Sacred Space”, and ” Joyful , Joyful”. The syncopated rhythms are just challenging enough to make them count, but patternistic enough really get in their ears and muscles. They love the drama! They are able to read through them in their lesson and leave with the confidence that they can work on them at home – and they do because they are having fun!

  3. Sherryl

    My students are really having fun with the pieces I’ve downloaded from your website, including this one. I give you 5 stars! Thank you for all your fun creativity!

  4. Amy Clarke

    Interesting piece that keeps my teenage students’ attention. One had fun sight reading it because of the captivating sounds.

  5. Shauna Jones

    After officially retiring & moving to a different state, I have been so fortunate to have acquired an adult student who has wanted to work on her piano skills after taking time out to raise 5 children. She is such a quick learner & willing student, so I decided to teach her the Loch Ness Quest by rote. The patterns in this piece, repeated in several octaves with pedal added, sound so fancy & are such fun to learn & remember. She is so excited as she adds new measures little by little & is proud to play for her family at home. My goal with this student is to make it fun, & Loch Ness definitely is one reason she leaves with a smile on her face after each session!

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