Drastic Measures

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Drastic Measures is a dramatic, energetic intermediate piano solo that teenagers love. Great for talent shows!


Drastic Measures, a contemporary sounding piano solo, is a blast for young and old intermediate students and will certainly be a crowd pleaser at this year’s recital! This piece is, well, drastic! The nervous energy will keep audience members excited and engaged throughout the piece.

After the debut of Drastic Measures, all the intermediate students present were begging me to play this new piece by their teenage friend!

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8 reviews for Drastic Measures

  1. Anita Kohli

    Drastic Measures and Mop Bop were a hit with my student…the audience loved both pieces and clapped to mop bop very enthusiastically. Love your music!

  2. Karen Bartlett

    We love, love, love Drastic Measures!

  3. David Love

    This piece is definitely worth the studio license!

  4. Emily Laney

    Your compositions have been so well-received in my studio this fall. Drastic Measures and Football Fever saved the day yesterday for sure. They liked the cover art, too!

    Thanks for creating such on-point compositions!

  5. Mary

    Very energizing for the guys. Sounds much harder that it really it! I find myself playing it as a warm up. Love it !

  6. Peggy Leung

    I recently discovered “Chased to the Edge” and “Drastic Measures”. I have to say I enjoyed learning them myself and then sharing them with my students. They were all instantly excited to learn them! I just wanted you to know that! Thanks for writing these modern and catchy melodies; can’t wait for more!

  7. Judy

    “Drastic Measures” was a delight for my students to play. It is dramatic and interesting. Thank you for creating these interesting pieces.

  8. Jeanne Kent

    Wendy, I think you knew the exact student I would give this piece to first! It is full of fast, loud, driving rhythm but also has dramatic changes in dynamics which is great for the student who like to play fast and loud all the time. This piece is so much fun and I can’t wait for the recital so many more of my students will hear it and want to play it.

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