////BUNDLE: Drastic Measures & Chased to the Edge

BUNDLE: Drastic Measures & Chased to the Edge

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Buy two of the three pieces in the Dangerous Piano Pieces series and save!



Studio Use License: This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

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This bundle contains 2 of the 3 Dangerous Piano Pieces which are very appealing to preteen and teenage students.

Drastic Measures is a mid-intermediate piece with a driving, easy-to-play syncopated sound. Teens love using this for a talent show piece or just to impress their friends.

Chased to the Edge is a mysterious early intermediate piece that is also appealing to teens.

Don’t forget the 3rd piece!

This bundle does not contain it, but don’t forget Loch Ness Quest, the 3rd piece in this series. You can get the entire Dangerous Piano Pieces bundle here for even more savings!

1 review for BUNDLE: Drastic Measures & Chased to the Edge

  1. Peggy Leung

    I recently discovered “Chased to the Edge” and “Drastic Measures”. I have to say I enjoyed learning them myself and then sharing them with my students. They were all instantly excited to learn them! I just wanted you to know that! Thanks for writing these modern and catchy melodies; can’t wait for more!

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