Guy Eye


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Get the audience tappin’ and clappin’ with you in this jazzy, mysterious Guy Eye piece!


Guy Eye + Mob Bop - Audience participation piano pieces by Wendy Stevens |

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Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


“Guy Eye” is a fun, dynamic intermediate piano solo that involves the audience. They are going to have so much fun participating with this jazzy, mysterious piece and the glissando in the middle only adds to the excitement!

Remember how fun it is to clap in rhythm to the music at a sporting event? (For example “We will, we will, rock you!”) Well, this mysterious piece brings that kind of excitement to your recital.

Guy Eye makes the student feel like a star. It shows how creative you are. And it makes the audience say things like “that was the best recital ever!”

How can you use Guy Eye?

This exciting piece can be performed in any of these outrageously fun ways:

  • As a solo plus the mp3 tapping and snapping accompaniment (You get 3 free mp3s with purchase)
  • As a solo with some or all of your students tapping and snapping
  • As a solo with the audience tapping and snapping
  • As a monster concert!

Your studio will be known for making recitals fun, not events where people fall asleep!

What comes with your Guy Eye purchase?

With your purchase of the studio license, you get:

  • The PDF music
  • The cover (we always include that)
  • Free mp3 tapping tracks at 3 different tempos (and for this package, you are licensed to send these to your students so they can practice at home too)
  • Free BONUS mp3 that includes a performance of the piece with the tapping tracks so you know what they sound like together.
  • Directions on how to introduce the piece

What is a Studio License?

Guy Eye is currently only available as a studio license which means that you only have to purchase it one time, and you are then licensed to print as many prints as you need for yourself or any student you directly teach! It’s like getting an unlimited supply of the piece since you never have to pay for it again, plus there is no shipping. You get the PDF and bonus mp3s in your email within minutes of your purchase.

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7 reviews for Guy Eye

  1. Sharon S Marble

    I’m looking forward to using this as the ending piece for my May Recital (I’ll be performing it, since I haven’t assigned to a student yet), with the kids leading the audience with the clapping and finger snaps. I found glittery plastic Fedora hats at the Dollar Store for them to wear, along with dark sunglasses! They’ll be so cool! I’ll admit (not being a “jazz” person), the rhythms in the last 4 measures are challenging to ME, but I’m practicing and counting! Great melody and beat throughout. I’m certain it will be a hit with the audience and kids! Thanks, Wendy.

  2. Gabriele

    I loved your last audience participation piece and this one will be a hit, I’m sure. The recital is this Saturday and I am playing it. there will be many wanting to play it after the recital. Thanks for all your great compositions.

  3. KH

    This is a fun, snappy piece with interesting rhythms.

  4. Marina Berberian

    My student absolutely loved the piece! I am happy with the purchase.

  5. Janet

    Students are loving the music! I love the sound tracks you put with it. Awesome!

  6. Karlyn Brett

    I recently purchased “Guy Eye'” and am really looking forward to using it – not only in groups, but my July ensemble recital. We have been doing more with jazz harmonies, and improvisation ideas, so this fits right into that particular goal. Has a great beat! Thanks Wendy, again!

  7. Emily Morgan

    Wonderful, exciting piece! I just performed this for my spring recital, and I had several older students participate with the clapping. They loved it! It was very enjoyable to practice with the students during lessons. I highly recommend it!

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