Something in My Piano

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Yikes! There’s something in my piano crawling between the keys! Loosely based on a true story…


Something In My Piano came about when I was sitting at the piano one day, enjoying my new studio in our small, brand new house. I had just finished playing when I glanced down at my feet and saw the most horrific looking, hairy, gigantic spider coming out from under my upright piano! Though I’m not normally outrageously scared of spiders, I screamed and absolutely lost my mind as I jumped on top of the piano bench. The rest of the story is in the program note of this piece, but that explains the inspiration for this rather creepy song!

Perfect for beginners, this early elementary “Something In My Piano” lets students slap the keys (as if to kill the spider emerging from the keys) and uses easy and fun patterns to move up and down the keyboard for a mature and audience-pleasing sound!

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19 reviews for Something in My Piano

  1. Erica Cherry

    I brought out “Something in My Piano” and “You Don’t Scare Me Now” this week and my kids are obsessed! Thanks so much!

  2. Thembi Shears

    My student loved learning Something in my Piano for Halloween week! He’s a very serious little boy who is preparing for an exam next week and it was so lovely to see him giggling and really going for it splatting the imaginary spider on the keys!!

  3. Thembi Shears

    This song was another huge hit today, especially with a 9yo girl I teach who, when I told her she could keep it and take it home, very excitedly responded with “Yesssss! Because Halloween is on Saturday and because it’s a weekend I can play it all day!!

  4. Beth Parks

    I had several students learn The Bold Escape last year and they all loved it! One played it at a school talent show and it was played at every recital. It is a sure hit, and easy enough for all beginners.

  5. John Viljoen

    “A Bold Escape” and “Amazing Grace” are hits with my students. I look for good, engaging pieces for my students. It’s gratifying to see a student absorbed and “into” a piece.

  6. Tess Orozco

    Thank you so much for this piece. It has been a huge hit with my students.

  7. Melissa Willis

    The Bold Escape has my beginners feeling like they are concert pianists. What a genius piece of music!

  8. Lisa

    I absolutely love the pedagogical concepts presented in this piece: thank you so much!!!!

  9. Lisa

    “The Bold Escape” has engaged so many different students in my studio: they love it! It’s helped perk up beginners, transfer students, student struggling in not reading, intervallic students, and advancing students who just needed an easy sight-reading piece or a bit of fun added to their week.

  10. Cheryl Metcalf

    I love this and the other two pieces in the Halloween bundle! They are delightful and easy to teach yet exciting for the students to be in the different octaves of the keyboard. The glissando is such an exciting way to end the songs as well! I’m so glad that I purchased the bundle of all three for now and future use!

  11. Sally Licocci

    Last night one of my students who is absolutely delightful but sometimes does not practice became obsessed with practicing “Something in My Piano” this week. I guess he has practiced (and memorized) this piece so much this week that their standard poodle howls when he doesn’t stop playing the piano. Tee-Hee-Hee!!!! His mom is so happy. Frankly so am I!

  12. Anne Jeddeloh

    My students’ annual spring recital was held yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful, fun event featuring 24 wonderful students and 44 pieces of music, including some of your compositions: Robotic Rise, I Want Some Water!, and Loch Ness Quest. One of my students wanted to perform Something in My Piano. She’s a quiet girl, but not shy. Under her calm, serious facade lies a wicked sense of humor. She took a can of compressed air and made a paper cover for it that read: BUG SPRAY…..DO NOT EAT!….Kills ants, termites, wasps, etc. In the middle section of the piece, while she was pounding the piano keys and “squashing bugs” she pulled out this can of compressed air and began spraying the piano with “bug spray.” The audience burst out laughing, she burst out laughing, and I burst out laughing. Thanks for writing a piece that let a quiet third grader “bust out” and show her true colors!

  13. Emily

    My students and I both LOVED The Candy Nabber and Something In My Piano! I used these pieces for sightreading purposes at the beginning of each lesson. My late beginner students love how the words, notes, rhythm and musical surprises bring the song to life! They ask each week to play these specific pieces and look forward to more exciting sightreading opprotunites! The student/teacher duet is super fun as well!

    Wendy is an excellent composer who specifically seeks out pieces that appeal to both the student and the teacher’s liking!

  14. Megan

    My students so enjoyed having “Something in My Piano” as a Halloween song to play. The improvisational “whacking” is fun for all! More confident students learned the words themselves in order to sing and play at the same time.

  15. Sherryl

    My students are really having fun with the pieces I’ve downloaded from your website. I give you 5 stars! Thank you for all your fun creativity!

  16. Kerri

    If I could give this 1000 stars, I would. It is a favorite Halloween song in my studio! Even younger students can play it with some work – and this fun piece motivates them to take on the challenge! They learn how fun and satisfying it is to achieve something by working for it! Great job, Wendy!

  17. Lois R

    I have given this piece to several students and they love it! I read to them what the inspiration was to write this piece and the students got so involved in the story. One student just finished memorizing it. This piece has great student appeal!

  18. Dianne Saichek

    I am having a great time with “Something in my Piano” as a Halloween piece!! One of my beginners ( a 7 year old boy—and an ‘actor’ who has taken piano for 5 mos.) is really making a splash in my studio with that piece.

  19. Clara

    My students loved “Something in My Piano”! Great combination of spooky melodies and fun actions trying to catch the spider!

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