BUNDLE: Easy Halloween Piano Music

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This bundle of easy Halloween piano music is a steal and also makes elementary piano students sound amazing!




This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach.


This wonderfully priced bundle of easy halloween piano music features elementary pieces that make students sound amazing and much more advanced than they really are.

You Don’t Scare Me Now

You Don’t Scare Me Now is a mid elementary original piece that helps students stand up to their scary monsters of the past. Students can duel with the things that have scared them in the past and dare them to make a bigger noise than they can. Then in the end, through the magical use of a glissando (done with an index card to prevent injury), the student quite obviously beats the scary things with their sound!

Something in My Piano

Something in My Piano is based on a true story of a very large, hairy spider that crawled out from under my piano while I was playing one day! This is a very easy piece with only single notes playing at one time.

It’s All About the Candy

It’s true, isn’t it?! It’s All About the Candy. There are two versions to this piece. One version contains lyrics for students who like creepy things and another version contains lyrics for students who do not like creepy things.

You get ALL of this easy Halloween piano music in this discounted halloween piano pieces bundle!

5 reviews for BUNDLE: Easy Halloween Piano Music

  1. Cheryl Metcalf

    I loved these pieces for the elementary level! They are delightful and easy to teach yet exciting for the students to be in the different octaves of the keyboard. The glissando is such an exciting way to end the songs as well! I’m so glad that I purchased them for now and future use!

  2. Heidi Saario

    My students absolutely love these Halloween pieces! They sound so exciting and fun and the students get to use the whole range of the keyboard. Thank you!

  3. Carla Thompson

    These were just what the dr ordered- seasonal pieces added a whole lot of fun and laughs to my grade one level group classes this year! I also took advantage of the free card printout and will hand out with a treat at the end of their practice incentive game next week!

  4. Susan

    My young beginner students loved these piece however they were too difficult for them to play themselves. I played them during the lesson and modified them so the students could play at home. It was a little disappointing even though the pieces were lovely.

  5. Helen Tai

    My students love the easy Halloween music very much. 5 starts should be awarded to you for being so creative.

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