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The Woodland Fun Bundle includes these fun Rote and Reading® pieces: Mister Bo Beaver, Lookin’ Sharp, and Nuts Nuts Nuts. Great for teaching keyboard topography and moving around the piano.



Studio Use License – These pieces comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This Woodland Fun Bundle is a special series of Rote and Reading® pieces especially for beginning students. These pieces help the student get to know and be more comfortable moving around the piano keyboard topography. The pieces in the Woodland Fun Bundle include Mister Bo Beaver, Lookin’ Sharp, and Nuts Nuts Nuts.

What’s included in the Woodland Fun Bundle?

Each piece in the Woodland Fun Bundle comes with a beginning piano solo with optional teacher duet. You also get bonus mp3s to help your students remember how the piece goes throughout the week. Here is everything that comes in this bundle:

  • Mister Bo Beaver music (includes teacher duet)
  • Mister Bo Beaver bover
  • Mister Bo Beaver bonus mp3s (Slow and fast tempo. Send these to your student to help them remember.)
  • Lookin’ Sharp music (includes teacher duet)
  • Lookin’ Sharp cover
  • Lookin’ Sharp bonus mp3s
  • Nuts, Nuts, Nuts (includes teacher duet
  • Nuts, Nuts, Nuts cover
  • Nuts, Nuts, Nuts bonus mp3s
  • Woodland Fun bonus cover

Bonus mp3s in the Woodland Fun Bundle

With all of these pieces, you also get mp3s that have a slow and regular tempo performance of the piece with lyrics. You can send these to your students so that they can listen to them in the week so that they don’t forget how the piece goes. This will also help them remember to hold the longer notes since they’ll hear you play it throughout the week. You can just attach the mp3s to an email to the student’s parents and send!

What if I purchased one of the pieces by itself? Can I still get the bonus cover?

Yes indeed! If you purchased one or two of the pieces individually, just purchase the remaining pieces and then send me an email. In the email, tell me the relative dates that you purchased each of the pieces and I’ll send you the bonus Woodland Fun Bundle cover!

Want to know more about Rote and Reading® teaching?

When we teach students only to note read, they tend to lack the ability to play by ear. But when we teach just by ear, then they can’t read music. But when you combine both reading and rote, you end up teaching the child in a way that is more natural to their learning process. In addition, the rote pieces (which sound bigger and more mature) will motivate and excite your student while they are having to play more elementary sounding pieces because of their low reading ability.

In the same way that kids learn to speak before they learn to read, it is more natural for a student to learn to play before they learn to read notes on a page. For more thoughts on the value of rote teaching and how long it really takes a child to learn to read music, read: How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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3 reviews for Woodland Fun Bundle

  1. Michelle Randall

    My students are really enjoying the bundle. Mainly the Hedgehog and the Beaver.
    The beginner students are proud of being able to use the whole keyboard. Some of my more advanced students are doing the teacher part by ear.
    And I’m liking playing the duet as it falls really well under my fingers. We have competitions to see if I can keep up with the student.( and surprisingly I can )
    So much fun for all!

  2. simone Tran

    My younger 2 students are enjoying the sound of Here I Come mainly because it’s short and no staff reading. Not to mention that it’s also fun and easy for them to play instantly.

  3. Hannah Weston

    My students are thoroughly enjoying this bundle. I use it mainly for my beginner students or the students that have been in piano for awhile, but feel like they don’t “sound” like they are making progress. It is so great to see how proud they are of themselves for learning a song by ear. Thanks, Wendy!

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