Lookin’ Sharp


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Lookin’ Sharp is a fun song to introduce beginning piano students to the piano. Adorable lyrics and a fun teacher duet make this Rote and Reading® piano solo even more fun.


Woodland Fun Bundle - Contains Mister Bo Beaver, Lookin' Sharp, and Nuts, Nuts Nuts by Wendy Stevens

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Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Lookin’ Sharp is an early elementary piano piece that helps beginning piano students learn the topography of the keyboard. Lookin’ Sharp comes with a fun teacher duet and lyrics that talk about the fun of having a pet hedgehog!

The story of Lookin’ Sharp

Imagine going to a pet store and having an adorable little hedgehog sing a song about why you should adopt him as your pet!

“I am adorable, really affordable!” How can you say no?

Lookin’ Sharp comes with a bonus!

In addition to receiving the music and the cover (always included for ComposeCreate pieces), you’ll also receive 2 mp3s of the piece in a slower and a faster tempo. You can send these mp3s to your students to help them remember the piece during the week.

The 2nd piece in the new Woodland Fun Rote and Reading® Series

Woodland Fun includes Mister Bo Beaver, Lookin' Sharp and Nuts, Nuts, Nuts - By Wendy Stevens

Lookin’ Sharp is the second piece in a series of pieces about woodland creatures. Each of these pieces is a Rote and Reading® piece and can be taught by rote, reading, or both. In addition, each piece comes with a fun teacher duet. The pieces are designed to help young and beginning students get to know the piano keyboard.

Of course, if you buy all the pieces separately, just send me an email. I can get you the special bonus cover for the Woodland Fun series. But if you haven’t purchased any of this series yet, the Woodland Fun bundle is definitely the way to go. The bundle is discounted and you get all the individual covers, plus the bonus.

Want to know more about Rote and Reading® teaching?

When you teach only by rote or only by reading, there is an obvious lack of skills developing in your student. But when you combine both reading and rote, you end up teaching the child in a way that is more natural to their learning process. In addition, the rote pieces (which sound bigger and more mature) will motivate and excite your student while they are having to play more elementary sounding pieces because of their low reading ability.

In the same way that kids learn to speak before they learn to read, it is more natural for a student to learn to play before they learn to read notes on a page. For more thoughts on the value of rote teaching and how long it really takes a child to learn to read music, read: How Long Does It Take to Learn to Read Music?

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2 reviews for Lookin’ Sharp

  1. Marilyn

    Thank you so much for LOOKING SHARP! SO much fun! The hedgehog pic is adorable & beginners are picking up the piece easily. Love it!

  2. Jennifer

    We love them (Vancouver Island Sunset and Lookin’ Sharp)! My students have been really interested in them and they are very playable for beginners, while sounding sophisticated.

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