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Through the Glass – A Fish Song


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Through the Glass is an elementary piano solo that gives a warm musical hug to those slippery pets whom we love but just can’t hold.


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Through the Glass is a mid elementary piano solo that will be a special piece for any piano student who has a pet fish. It gives a warm musical hug to those slippery pets whom we love but just can’t hold. The lyrics have a tender tone and bring a unique perspective on having a fish as a pet.  

The level of Through the Glass

Through the Glass is mid elementary. The smallest note value is the quarter note. The piece is in a comfortable E Major position, but the accidentals are written in so students do not have to be concerned with reading a key signature. The song uses several octaves of the piano, but is always in a comfortable position with patterns that can be easily remembered.

Through the Glass uses the damper pedal with only 10 pedal changes. The piece uses a Lydian scale in a few places, giving it a “watery sound” without using a whole tone scale.

Through the Glass comes with a bonus!

In addition to receiving the music and the cover (this is always included for ComposeCreate pieces), you’ll also receive one free mp3 recording of Through the Glass. This recording can be sent to your students who are working on the piece to give them an inspiring example of a sensitive performance and also help them learn the piece more quickly.

Part of the New Pet Shop SeriesBundle: Pet Shop Piano Pieces - Set 1

Through the Glass is one of many pieces in the new Pet Shop Series, a series of piano solos about beloved pets. This series includes (as of January 2020):

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1 review for Through the Glass – A Fish Song

  1. Robin Steinweg

    The same day I purchased Through the Glass, I played it for one of my students, and she begged to learn it. She’s in love with it! The moment she sits at the piano, she starts to play it. I hear its influence on her musically as she works on a composition of her own. Thank you, Wendy! I have students who ask for something by Wendy Stevens now, because they know it’ll make them sound wonderful. 😀

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